Mar 25, 2011

Flashback Fridays: Meeting Tisha

It's Friday but it doesn't feel like Friday at all. Thanks to weekend work on Saturday night. Boo. However, there's still something about Friday that helps me cheer up. Any guess? Well, you're right. It's Flashback Fridays time again.

Because I was having fun with my girls last weekend, I thought I should make up and do two FF posts today.
Thank heavens, I am sooooo in the mood to blog these days!

Now here goes the first one :D

------------- o --------------

I started out the year good. I kicked 2011 off by winning a giveaway from Tisha, Good Housekeeping Magazine's editor-in-chief and blogger extraordinaire. After a few e-mails, we agreed to meet up 6th of January. With the way she answered my messages, I instantly felt she's a nice woman, and when we finally met, I've proven myself right. She's nice. No... she's waaaay beyond that ;-)

I easily recognized her the moment she walked in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Greenbelt. Her style was simple yet sophisticated and her attitude, nothing short of warm and welcoming. We sat over a glass of juice and frap and you know what's the first thing she told me?

"Sooooooooo.. tell me something about yourself!"

"Oooooh, job interview?" I answered. And we both laughed.

That was a great way to break the ice. :)

From there, we started chit-chatting and asking about each other's life - family, hobbies, and of course, love life! Even though I was nosebleeding deep inside (I don't usually make kwento in English, you know) I enjoyed our conversation. There's something about her that made me feel like I was talking to an old friend. We were practically strangers but she didn't mind sharing a thing or two about her personal life. She told me about her beloved sport - frisbee - and oh,  her wedding too! :)

In about half an hour her sundo (the hubby, who's equally nice) came. And since it's not everyday that I get to spend time with people like her, there has to be a souvenir shot! :D

Once again, a big thanks to Tisha for taking time off her hectic sched. Advance happy anniversary to Here, Tishie Tishie! More years to your blog! And more love for you! :)

This is what's inside that paper bag above.

By the way, she has an ongoing giveaway again. Gorgeous swimsuits up for grabs! We all want a sizzling hot summer, don't we? Do yourself a favor and join now! :D

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