Mar 25, 2011

Flashback Fridays: The Holidays

As promised, my second post for FF today! :D

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The recent holidays had been awesome so I'm not letting go of this second chance to share it with you. I have to summarize though, and focus on the parts I loved best. Now, let's get this going.

If I have to describe Christmas 2010 in one word, it'd be FABULOUS. You know how much of a stage sister I am so just imagine how giddy I was while looking at them all dolled up! I don't know what got into their head that they decided to wear lovely dresses and kick-ass heels like real women. I heart!

2nd of 6: Minette Faye, 15. Hmmmm.. Could it be the shoes? She looks like a rock princess to me and I loved it.

3rd of 6: Meriel Louise, 13 years old. Her style: Pretty and Poised. It's sooo her! :)

4th of 6: Micah Miguela, 11. Pink and black combo never goes wrong. She looked so dainty, and the balloon skirt kept the carefree personality.

5th of 6: Mariah Junie, 9. Her statement: Young and beautiful. She carried such a simple dress so well!

How about Haley, you ask? Well she likes pants, so we got her a cute and colorful pants-and-blouse terno.

Our Bunso, Mikayla Haley, charming as ever in a Dora the Explorer ensemble.

As for me, I didn't put much effort dressing up. Christmas is for kids anyway. But I love the bold print of my shirt so it's still worth posting :D

I should always do this pose. I look kinda slimmer. Hahaha. Oh, the sandals is nice too. If you wanna them, they're here.

And since I've already showed you my siblings, why not include a family picture narin? :)

If I ever get to be asked about one thing in my life that I'm proud of, I can answer in a heartbeat. My family :)
Photo taken after the Christmas Mass at Malate Church.

Now, this post is entitled The Holidays (with an s) for a reason. New Year's Day is next! :)

I think I've mentioned in a post or two that we live with our extended family, Tita Antin and Nanay Letty. And ever since I can remember, we celebrate the New Year with them, with Tita providing everything in the table during Media Noche. But this year is different. They spent it with another aunt's family in Cavite so we had the house all to ourselves. That also means I stepped up with my cooking skills and prepared the banquet.

We had Carbonara, Graham Cake, ham, hotdogs, bacon, tuna sandwich, ube halaya, puto-kutsinta and hot chocolate. Not bad, right? :)

Twas also my first time to follow the superstition about 12 round fruits. They say it's for 12 months of good luck. Let's see :)

J brought me this from Marikina and it has become a personal favorite. If you are into kakanin, I swear you'll love this. Ooops, free advertisement right there! Haha.

And of course, the obligatory family shot.
Thanks to my ever reliable camera's self-timer :)

I enjoyed this year's celebration. It was just the 8 of us, the easy-to-cook meal, the firecrackers in the background and the hope that 2011 will be a blessed year for our family of 8 and our other loved-ones as well :D

Oooooh, speaking of loved-ones, let me end this with a picture of me and the person who completes my holidays! :)

Mind sharing with me how your holidays went? :D

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