Mar 20, 2011

Dinner Date with my Girls @ Red Crab GB3

My friend Jaq recently got a bonus for being a high-performer so we had a celebratory dinner last Friday, her treat! :D

We've been hearing a lot of rave about Red Crab's boodle feast so off we went to Greenbelt to try it out. Unfortunately though, they don't have it in their menu so we settled for what we think will still satisfy our palate.

Crab Smoked Fish Relleno, Php 385

Bacon Wrapped Camaron Rebosado, PhP 485

Bangus Belly Sinigang sa Bayabas, Php 285

I have a love affair with Sinigang and you can trust me when I say a Sinigang is good and their version is, wait for it, more like Nilaga to me. Haha.

Here comes their saving grace. The first dish was delicious but the second one was divine! I can still remember how I had to close my eyes to savor the flavor! I swear I'll come back for it :D

Clockwise from top-left: Noreen, Me, Jaq and Nhix.

The ambiance was okay but where we were seated wasn't. Our table is situated across the comfort room and kitchen thus people kept walking by. I guess they just should not place a table there because it affects the overall dining experience. Oh, if I may say, we asked to be transferred and they kept saying that the other tables are reserved but a couple who just came in asked for a better spot and they obliged *roll eyes* Also, customer service could still use a lot of improvement.

In fairness, there was this one crew who was friendly enough to take this photo. I have to commend him because he took another shot when the first one didn't suit his taste. Good job! :)
Red Crab GB3 gets 3.5 out 5. And since I said I'll come back for bacon-wrapped camaron, I'll visit their branch at The Venice Piazza - McKinley Hills. It's near Jaq and Nhix's workplace and they say they love it there.

Up next, good times a la School of Fish - Bagong Silang edition. Haha.


  1. tomo labs, we should have Red Crab part 2 sa Piazza! Pero KKB na, ha? hahahaha! :p

  2. We can do that, or we can use Noreen's birthday treat! Hahaha


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