Feb 15, 2011

It's Been a While

Today it's been a month and a day since the last time I posted. I only had three posts for January. Pathetic, I know. Work has been crazy the past weeks. Nine hours in front of the PC makes me not want to turn the laptop on when I get home. Sometimes I do but I just spend a few minutes checking my Facebook, and then I doze off. On top of that, I seem to have lost the enthusiasm to write. I don't want the posts to be half-baked so I just don't blog at all.

Now enough of the drama!

Yesterday I got a sweet Valentine surprise and I'm not letting the feeling slip away without blogging it! ^_^

He had flowers delivered to the office! Well yeah, that's not uncommon especially on the day of hearts but when he gave me a bouquet on my graduation he told me that I should savor the moment because it's not gonna happen again, unless I graduate again. Sweet, no? But, but, but... he still did! And that just swept me off my feet.

So to my Jhay, who did for me one of the many kilig moments most girls dream of, I love you and I would love to be your Valentine forever and a day :-*

 As promised Hon, here's a picture of me holding it :-)

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