Feb 27, 2011

A Prom Story

I'll tell you a secret: I don't have the fondest memories of my own Junior and Senior Prom. I was an honor student and the school paper EIC so I was among the popular kids in high school but those didn't change the fact that  I. AM. FULL-FIGURED. Well I undeniably have the looks but you know teens (boys, especially) have a preference for the slim and sexy. Thus, I was a wallflower when it was time to dance and par-tey. I know it's kinda embarrassing but yeah, I haven't experienced a prom dance.

That exactly is the reason I am all giddy when Faye started talking about her prom. She's beautiful and smart, not to mention the incoming Student Council president, so I want to make sure that she'll look stunning for this event. I don't want her to be like me; I want her to enjoy her first prom night and have a beautiful memory of it when she reminisces in 5 or 10 years.

Three weeks before the affair, we already bought her gown. Whenever I have free time I would google hairstyles in the quest for the one that would suit her best. I would ask her almost every day about the details -- the date and time, the venue, the food, even her classmates' dresses. And.. wait for it.. I filed a VL just to be there for her on the very day! That's how seriously I take my job as a sister! Hahaha

And so February 23 came. At half past 2, we headed to a nearby salon to have her hair done. I was skeptical at first if the stylist's suggested do would fit the shape of her face (her wide forehead, to be specific :P) Good thing it turned out great.

Good job kuya... err... ate.. err... whatever! Basta, good job! ^_^
Afterwards we hurried to Rustan's Makati for the Paul and Joe Make-up Makeover that I have won. Karen, the nice P&J promodizer-cum-makeup artist, attended to us at once, asked what color she'll be wearing and started her work. It took more or less 1 hour but I loved the result. The make-up was chic and young and oh-so-natural. If I were to rate it, it's a 9. It could have been a 10 had the lipstick been a wee bit brighter but nonetheless, it's another good job! :)

Before and after. I love the glowing effect! :)
We went back home to dress up then off to the venue just in time for the 6PM assembly. It was funny because when we got there, her female classmates shouted her name in unison as if they're seeing a celebrity (LOL!) while the guys were whispering to each other how pretty she is, waiting for perfect timing to make a move. So high school. Hahaha.

So friends, without further ado, here is my pretty little sister on her Junior Prom:

She looked like a princess daw according to her classmates. I couldn't agree more but I may be biased. What do you think? :)
A closer look.
I left the venue with pride and happiness. Looking at her I  am certain that she won't be like me. She'll remember her prom as one great night of socializing and celebrating her youth. Good job, Ate Em :D


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