Feb 21, 2011

It's a Happy Monday!

I stayed up late last Friday mainly to make up to this blog site but as I was trying to put my thoughts together, I blog-hopped and landed at Ms. Nikki Tiu's beauty blog, AskMeWhats. I saw that she's hosting another contest:

Screencap from her site.

I thought it was very timely because Faye will be having her JS prom this coming Wednesday. Being the stage sister that I am, I typed my entry right away and submitted it with high hopes. When I checked back after a few minutes, my heart was crushed when I saw that a lot of other readers have already joined and there is no way I'll make it to the first 5. Thus, I convinced myself that the prize isn't meant for me. Better luck next time, Em.

And then today, I checked my mail and almost jumped for joy when I saw this:

I went to her site again to know how I won and it turned out that Paul&Joe gave another 5 GCs and I'm part of the second batch. It was, after all, meant for me!!! :D

With this, I'm sure Faye would look stunning on her prom night. A huge thanks to Ms. Nikki for the giveaway! ^_^

Oh let me say it again... Happy Monday everyone! :-)


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