Jan 5, 2011

I'm Finally Filling in the Blank :-)

When Tisha announced in her blog that I won her Christmas giveaway, I was reminded that I still owe you guys something. Remember my I ____ you, Tomorrow post? After more than two weeks, I am now sharing how that faithful day went.

A little background first: Jhay and I have been together for five years and a half. Halfway into the relationship, I introduced him to my family. He comes to our house every so often, joins us during special occasions, gets along with my folks even without me around -- pretty much considered "one of us" already. On the other hand, I, weird as it may sound to many, haven't met his family members yet. Sure his older brother I met in a blogger event 2 months ago and his younger brother my constant Facebook chatmate but other than that, there are no formal introductions to his clan... until December 18, 2010.

It was Jhay's only nephew TJ's first birthday. I was invited of course but we had to argue whether or not I'll attend. You see, Jhay is his family's breadwinner and as such, his mom isn't so cool about him having a girlfriend. She knows that Jhay has one (because I have pictures in his room or I call and she's the one who answers the phone) but for Jhay to tag me along and introduce me to everyone makes her think that he's gonna marry soon and leave the family just like that. Jhay, however, has made up his mind: He's taking advantage of the party's festive mood and do the introductions.

To say that I was nervous is an understatement. On the way to Jollibee West Avenue I could feel my heart beating so fast and my hands cold as ice. I got there in no time and I was welcomed by Kuya Migs (the celebrant's dad). As I entered the premises, I saw everyone giving me that who-the-hell-is-she look. Jhay immediately came to the rescue, held my hand then ushered me towards the table where his mom and dad were seated. I was murmuring to myself, "Oh my gosh, Em, this is it!" *_*

Jhay mentioned my name while I stood beside him in my sweetest smile thinking that that could cover up the nerves. His mom looked at me from head to toe and I swear that was the first time someone did that to me! I was so tensed I didn't know what to do next until I heard Jhay whisper "Bless..." My freezing hands took theirs and brought them to my forehead as a sign of respect. His mom then introduced me to the lady beside her, her best friend, who smiled after I shook her hand. Afterwards, Jhay and I went back to our seats while telling each other "Whew! What a relief!"

As we settled in our table I could see his mom and her bestfriend still looking at me and yeah, talking about me. I just hope I made a good impression despite the tension. Meanwhile, Jhay asked me to loosen up because we're through with the tough part, and it's about time to enjoy the event :-)

Meet TJ, the birthday celebrant, holding my gift :)

 These are what I got him: a car stuffed toy and
a shirt that I also love to see my future baby boy wearing ^_^

A few moments before the party started, Jhay's favorite aunt arrived together with her family. He introduced me to them as they were the ones who we shared the table with. Tita Meg was the warmest! I was instantly at ease talking to her and exchanging a laugh or two. She's so nice she even invited me to go malling with them just because. Sadly though, I was shy to have a picture taken with her.

Here are the few pictures that I got:

 From left to right: Kuya Migs' bestfriend, Jhay's younger brother Francis,
my lovey dove and me :-)

 A picture of us taken by Kuya Migs (grabbed from his Facebook too! haha)

Jollibee atop a chair. He's the most maligalig Jollibee I've ever seen,
and the best dancer too!

 TJ with his mom and dad. All three of them plus the grannies from
both sides were all wearing Transformers shirts. Cool :)

 Makes me wanna have our own little boy already ^_^

Most kids would cry when people they see for the
first time carries them. He didn't. I love him na ^_^

On my way home, Jhay and I were exchanging text messages about the experience. We're both happy that we were able to reach another milestone in our relationship (and a major one at that!) I have to say two hours was too short for my version of Meet the Parents but it was just enough for me to fill in the blanks in the I ____ you, Tomorrow with L-O-V-E.

Oh by the way, the next morning, Jhay's mom told him this over breakfast: "Ang ganda naman ng girlfriend mo, ganda mag-smile, may dimples. Kaya lang sabihin mo magpapayat." Hahahaha. I actually get that comment all the time but I sooooo appreciate it coming from his mom *wink*

Looking forward to our next adventures with his family,


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