Jan 14, 2011


Jhay and I have been talking about marriage and family life for the longest time. Being together for almost six years, we know that settling down is something that’s in the near future already. We often tell each other that had we not have responsibilities to our own families, I’m most likely Mrs. Hipolito by now.

Until one day it dawned on me. During one of my staring-into-nothingness moments, I realized that I don’t wanna get married yet. Well at least not in the next five years. Close friends may be laughing at this point because they’ve heard about my dream wedding (and the hopes of fulfilling them soon) a thousand times over but hey, it just hit me. Gusto ko pa pala ng mas maraming panahon para sa mga pangarap ko.

Seriously, I don’t know what got into this head of mine but all of a sudden, I thought that I still want to be young. All of a sudden I realized that I’ve been acting too much like a 30-year old when in fact it’s just three years since I said goodbye to being a teen. It could be because I stress myself too much about work, I mind the kids’ baon and the bills, I get carried away in being a mommy to Haley, so everything was on fast-forward mode that I almost forgot that I am 22 and I have to enjoy my youth while it’s here.

This doesn’t mean that I love Jhay less nor not want to marry him anymore. JUST NOT YET. It’s just that now I have a stronger conviction that I wanna live the life of my dreams first before WE live the life of OUR dreams. There are more beautiful places in the world that I have to set foot on, more crazy nights with friends, more I.T. experience in my CV, more items awaiting to be ticked off my imaginary checklist – the same way that he has his own goals that he wanted to accomplish before kissing bachelorhood adieu. Sure sleeping in each other’s arms every night is bliss but with that comes a lot more serious things that we fail to include in the happy picture: next day’s menu, running out of groceries, paying rent, car maintenance, heaps of laundry, having a baby, ensuring his/her bright future, and the list goes on.

You get my point, right? Greater things are in store for me, for us, and we are giving our best to turn our reveries into reality before immersing ourselves in bigger responsibilities.

Hang in there, Honey, because a beautiful forever awaits us after we’ve lived singlehood, and lived it well.

P.S. No, this isn't about last night's argument :P


  1. 22. Oh no! You're definitely too young to be married! Enjoy your life, your work, your own money... save, save, save... you are lucky that you have mer your bf at an early age... by now, you are already mature, so you can both start moving towards the goal. invest, save, plan!

    good luck and don't be pressured! you are still young! i am 29! i am getting married this year! my bf and i have been together for 7 years.

  2. Girl, you're still young, enjoy your single life! Hehe...

  3. Thanks girls! I really am too young and I wanna enjoy being single longer! :)

    Thanks Crix, wow you're getting married! my well wishes to you and bon.. and oh, hear hear to save, plan, invest! ^_^

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  5. I'm there with you maudy. marriage is such a serious matter we can't just rush into. We must enjoy our youth and make the most of it. Love! Laugh! Learn! thanks for sharing. I've been looking for someone of the same wavelength. Anyway, I stumbled upon an interesting article you may want to check - Happiness

  6. Hi Maude!

    Naku, don't get married yet!!! Seriously!!!!!

    Hahaha! Parang hindi ako happily married no? Seriously, you're still young. Dami dami dami pa pwede gawin. Not that being married means you won't be able to do those things anymore pero iba pa rin. I was 27 when I got married and ayan, 33 na ako, hindi pa ako nakakapag-Europe! LOL!





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