Dec 21, 2010

It's in my Hands

The new 20-peso bill that is! ^_^

I don't know why but I jumped at the sight of the crisp (albeit a little fancy-looking) bill! Maybe because I feel like I'm one of the first few to have it (or not? :P) And it's pretty kaya! Well, at least better looking than the old one. It showcases more of our natural wonders, too! If you haven't seen the entire set of new bank notes, you can check them out here where I saw them first :)

Special thanks to my cubemate (if there is such a term) whose boyfriend's mom works in Bangko Sentral, for being so kind to let me keep it. You made my day, Sarah dear! ^_^ 

Update (March 2011): I have the complete set already! :D

My favorite is the 500-peso bill. Cory and Ninoy look so happy :D
Click the image for a hi-res version.

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