Nov 16, 2010

Today It's Official

It's Christmas at home!!! ^_^

Oooops, sorry I got carried away. It's been years since we last put up a Christmas tree here at home that's why I was very much enthused as we assembled it again this morning. I was suddenly nostalgic while hanging the ornaments. I remembered how I posed by the tree every single Christmas morning. And I unearthed pictures to share with you:

I was amused looking at how I was all dolled up - complete with headband and stockings and a girly-girl bag. But what amused me all the more was that it was the same tree through the years! After two decades, it still stands mighty proud, look:

Tomorrow we'll be adding Christmas lights to complete it. With decorations all around the house, I can already feel the spirit of the season.

Next target: Shop for gifts to wrap and put underneath the tree! :D


  1. akala ko kung anong "official" e.. wahahaha.. nakita ko kasi si mom ;p

  2. hahaha.. di pa yun official labs..


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