Nov 25, 2010

Thanksgiving! :-)

I originally wanted to put "Congratulate Me" in the title but since it's Thanksgiving today (yeah, it's only in the US but what the heck, haha), I thought I might as well give thanks *wink* myspace graphic comments

First off, thank God because Haley had a blast in her 2nd birthday party! Thanks to everyone who came, and for the prettiest gifts! The story about the celebration is for another post :)

And then here's the main kwento...

Since we had a dinner party last night, we got home around 10 already. And even if all of us are tired, we still had to do some post-celeb stuff so it's already 1AM when I hit the sack. I woke up half past 9 and I was dragging myself out of the bed. I actually want to take a sick leave then doze off but SLs are convertible so I dismissed the idea *evil laugh*. Needless to say, I got up and went out of my room to start prepping myself.

When I got to the living room, I found Haley being the bibo kid again, add the fact that she's still not over her birthday. She was checking out her dress and new toys and telling everyone snippets of her party. Just imagine how much I want to stay so I could hang out with her. Then I turned the laptop on and we viewed the pictures and video from last night and there she was, like a commentator dropping side comments for each picture in the entire slideshow! *Sigh* I could spend an entire day chit-chatting with Haley and never get tired ^_^

Afterwards, I did my morning ritual. Check my Gmail, visit my blog then hop to my favorite blogs, and most importantly (because I can't do it in the office), log on to Facebook. I spent another 30 minutes online before I was able to convince myself to go take a bath.

It was already 12:30 when I was officially good to go. Still pep-talking myself, I headed to the bus station. Inside the bus, I suddenly remembered that there's a Thanksgiving Sale today at SM Makati, and again I thought of ditching work and going straight to Ayala Center to take advantage of the sale. The fare that I paid for will suffice anyway.

Think... *bus goes past Filmore St.*

think... *crosses Osmena Highway*

think... *takes a few passengers in Mayapis*

To work or not to work? *passes by Washington*

Think some more... *halts by the stop light at Chino Roces Ave.*

Ending: The good girl in me prevailed. I got off at Export Bank Plaza and badged in at 1:15PM. Thank God for giving me enough discipline and self-control today :)

Happy Thanksgiving! And oh, I deserve a congratulations, don't I? :)

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