Nov 1, 2010

Team Lunch @ Conti's

It has been a tradition in Headstrong to dine out whenever a project is about to close so I and my PNC team had our lunch last Wednesday at Conti’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant in Greenbelt 2. We got there a little short of 12 noon and the restaurant is still not crowded we even had a chance to take a group picture by the reception area.

A shot that looks like it was taken for a soap opera print ad :P
(L-R) Project Manager Sir Martin, developers Emil, Kem and Jonathan,
QA Lead Ms. Ruth, fellow QAs Lucy and Sarah, Lead Dev Pauline,
Me and another QA Cormeg.Not in the picture is Jim,
who's also from the QA team, because he was the one behind the camera.

We were seated in around 5 minutes and then it was time to order. We took a peek at their online menu just so ordering would be a breeze once we’re there but the dishes in the picture are so mouth-watering that I still spent quite some time figuring out what I really really want. Here’s the winner:

I have high expectations on their entrees because I have tried their cakes and they are to die for. Good thing the Chicken ala Kiev did not disappoint! The chicken meat was so tender and the sauce so creamy and scrumptious I am salivating as I type! The garlic rice that comes with it, though, could do with a little less oil. But that didn't stop me from finishing my meal faster than the time it took to get to our table. Hahaha. I actually wanted to order another round of rice but decided against it because the rest of the team were okay with one. Thanks to the bottomless iced tea (which is also good, by the way) because I sipped away until the only room left in my tummy is that for the house specialty in the dessert department - Mango Bravo!

We got the regular-sized cake at 950 pesos and it's good for 12, perfect for a big group like us. They also have a mini version that makes 6 servings and at half the price or you may wanna get it at 120 per slice, if you're all by yourself :-) Pictured above is one serving and it's more than enough if you're not very much into desserts. Of course my saccharine-loving self didn't let any of it go to waste. My oh my, I can still remember how each layer is sinfully delicious and how the ripe mangoes remained so appealing despite all the sweetness going on. If you haven't tried Mango Bravo yet, you are missing half of your life. Nah, seriously, head on to the nearest Conti's and know that I mean it when I say it's a must-try.

 Me and my Mango Bravo before it became a memory. Hahaha.

Here's a closer look at the PNC team:

With my OT buddy, Lucy

 While waiting for our food. We look hungry already, no? :P

After a hearty lunch.

Girls vs boys - just before we went back to Export Bank Plaza.

Overall, I am giving Conti's 5 stars for the food, 4 stars for value for money and 3 stars for customer service. And yes, I am definitely going back ^_^


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