Nov 15, 2010

The Tale of my Mane

I've been sporting a boring hairstyle for years until yesterday when I finally got the will to go to the salon for a cut (in keeping with my aim of a "productive weekend" :D). As Nica, the stylist, was working with her shears we were making small talk and that's when I realized that the last time that I got my hair cut was on my 20th birthday! Woah, that was two years and five months ago!

Celebrated with my girlfriends and capped the day off with a studio shot.
So Young by The Corrs kept playing in my head when I saw this! Hahahaha

I missed to include in my 7 random things list that it takes forever for my hair to grow an inch or two. I don't know if it's a good thing because I get to save on salon trips (LOL) or could be a sign that it's not healthy. Look at just how much it's grown:

Seriously? 2 years and 5 months and just that?

It's kinda hard to maintain already, aside from the fact that the ends don't look good anymore. Guess how it looked after the cut? :D

*drum roll*

It's still boring, I knooooooooow! Hahaha. That's because I only wanna have a totally new bob if I'll have a rebond after. I haven't had anything done to my hair eversince and I don't wanna risk. I think it's pretty okay without  extra treatment, don't you think too? ^_^

Oh well, I'm just thankful that most of the length is gone! And it looks healthy already as the ugly part was chopped off! Hurray for a new... errr... not-so-new do! Now I wonder... when will the next cut be? :D


  1. You can grow your hair that long?? :) I haven't had my hair grown that long in my entire life!! Anyway, cheers for your new do! :)

  2. onga, badtrip ka.. kala ko naman ibang hairstyle na, ganun pa rin pala! hahaha! boo!

    wag ka na pa-rebond, just get a new style, please? hahaha

    sa song na so young, paki add "so thin" na rin labs! hahahaha! :D

  3. @Sinthea: thanks thanks! :) yeah, although it annoys me when it gets really hot. and the shampoo and conditioner are costly! haha..

    @Jaq: At least nagpagupit! Haha.. I can't change the style, my hair is such a brat! nagrerebelde pag binabago buhay nya.. re: so thin, buti pa ko consistent! :P


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