Nov 17, 2010

The Table... *Bow*

I was enjoying the silence of my room this afternoon when Mom suddenly came in showing me a flyer of Shopwise's Furniture Sale. I've been wanting to buy a new table where I can put the laptop and the printer side by side because I think the typical computer table setup is sooo yesterday. So I checked the flyer and I was instantly smitten by the low low prices.  At once I asked dad to accompany me to Shopwise to see the pieces for myself.

When I saw the one I was eyeing earlier, I knew right there that I'm gonna buy it. I thought hard, trying to figure out if my impulses are getting the better of me again. Needless to say, the impulse won. Funny because while the salesman was explaining to Dad how to assemble it, I was already imagining myself taking a picture of it and blogging about it. Hahaha. Excited much.

Fast forward to getting home. Granny (the same one I was talking about here) welcomed us with a heartwarming remark: "San mo naman ilalagay yan? Ibababa mo yung gamit ko, hindi ako papayag. Kung gusto mo yan buuin dun mo ilagay sa inyo!" Thank you very much. *Sigh*

I was infuriated. I was thinking she could have said that earlier just so I didn't purchase the d*mn table. I was so mad I was actually thinking of moving out. Uggh. We've been living under the same roof since time immemorial and we had had a lot of fights like this in the past and I feel so fed up already. She nags about everything: the water consumption, the kids running around, the tenants not going home often, the groceries I put in the fridge, the time I spend in front if the PC, the neighbor's daughter, the neighbor's daughter marrying too soon. Geez.

I want some peace and quiet. I want my own space :(

Babe, let's buy our own house, shall we?

P.S. About the table? It's dumped in my room, not even taken out of its box :(

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