Nov 27, 2010

She's a Revelation

I have always been mentioning that there are 6 of us girls in the family. I've already made a post or two about my 2 teenage sisters. I've also written about my 4th grader sibling, Junie once. Our bunso, Haley, is a regular feature of my blog that she even has her own label. One girl, however, seems to be MIA but now's her time to shine! :)

Friends, please join me in congratulating Micah as she bagged the 1st place in the Regional Young Writers' Confererence and Contest - Newswriting Category!

She bested out contenders from the National Capital Region and even though I can't believe it at first, I am just so proud of her achievement. She used to be belittled by many because all 3 of us (Faye, Choy and myself) were grade school valedictorians but this time she's showing the world what she got! In fact, she'll be traveling to Butuan early next year for the Nationals. Keep up the good job, sis! Make the family even more proud!

(Side note: A few months back, I challenged her that if she makes it to the Top 5 of her class, a Dampa feast is on me on her Graduation Day. I said that because I thought that it's impossible. Looks like I have to get my moolah ready! Hahahaha.)


  1. Congrats, Micah! Em, sama kami sa Dampa.. :)

  2. Thanks Noreen, on her behalf! :) About Dampa, sure pero walang clue kung kelan :P

  3. wow! congrats micah! you all are super talino!

  4. wow! congratulations to your sister... if i'm not mistaken, i think my sister got the same award three years ago. :)

  5. thanks crickette... :) kanino pa ba magmamana sisters natin, di ba? LOL


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