Nov 16, 2010

A Quick Trip to Divisoria

Haley will be turning two in a week and being the stage sister that I am, I woke up early yesterday to go to Divisoria to buy stuff for her loot bag. Sure Jollibee (that's where she wants her birthday celebrated... choosy little girl! haha) can provide those but their standard loot costs 25 pesos with not-so-good items while that amount will already go a long way in DV. I made it a point to get there before 9AM because the place gets too hot and crowded when it's late especially since the holidays are around the corner. By the way, I tagged Tita Antin along and she obliged because she wanted to scout for new Christmas decors pala.

With loot bag goodies and decors on top of our list, we went to Divisoria Mall first. DV Mall is a shopping arcade where you can buy almost everything - from clothes to accessories, school supplies to party favors, gift items to electronics - albeit (a lot) cheaper if wholesale. We roamed around for a while to look for the store with the lowest price. Here are what we got:

Cute transparent drawstring pouches at 6php/pc.
This will serve as Haley's loot bag.

 Dora and Toy Story towelettes. 80php per pack of 12.

Wall decor that's worth 100php in other stores but we got it for 70php.

Assorted Christmas tree ornaments for 10php per pack if wholesale.
We got two packs per design to meet the minimum wholesale requirement of 6.
Retail price is Php15. Big difference, no?

Afterwards, we went to the wet market at the mall's basement. There you can find candies and other treats (although I'm not really sure if they're clean and safe), cheap toys and our prospect: bubbles! Haley loves them!

Bubble solutions in a toy cellphone container at 8php/pc.
They come in different sizes and colors.

Next, we walked along Tabora Street. Here is where you can find affordable made-to-order souvenirs for your events, more Christmas decors and other specialty shops (costumes, masks, etc). I was in pursuit of lei to complete my Christmas Party look, and I was successful :)

 Lei at 50php.

Tita also bought a couple more decors there:

 Sparkly Banners - originally at 50php each but we got it at 40php

 Christmas balls at 35php per pack of 6.

Then we passed by M. De Santos Street where we were able to buy garlands for 25php (they're sold at 35php along Tabora Street). This is also where I found towelettes same as those that I bought in Divi Mall, with a variety of designs to chose from, for only 5php each. That makes 2 dozens 40 pesos cheaper! :(

It's your usual Christmas garland, I just formed it into a heart for the picture. Hahaha.

Lastly, we wandered in Ylaya - a street full of clothes, clothes and more clothes - in search of skirts for sissies. Sadly though, we didn't find one that suits our taste so I ended up buying Ang Pao instead.

 Red envelopes to put my aguinaldo for godchildren in :)

Finally, after about 3 hours of bargain shopping, we decided to go home. We were able to buy what we need but we promised to be back to tick more items off our Christmas list.

For those who want to spread the love this Yuletide but are on a budget, Divisoria surely is the place to be!

Some tips when going to Divi Land:
1. Christmas is super peak season for Divisoria so if your schedule permits, go on a weekday. Going there when most of the shopping public are busy in the office will save you a lot of headache.
2. Dress down and always keep a towel or hanky handy. Also, if possible, wear no jewelry at all. Crooks shop too, so be vigilant.
3. Bring a big plastic bag, or better yet, a reusable (and again, big) shopping bag because it's more convenient than wandering with a lot of small ones.
4. Do not settle for the one you see first. Chances are, the next one you see is cheaper and better *ouch!*
5. Scrutinize the items you buy. Watch out for defective parts or missing pieces.
6. Haggle. Most vendors will say it's already their wholesale price but it's worth a try. The few pesos you save in one purchase can be good for another one. You're in DV, remember? ;-)

    Happy Shopping, everyone! :)

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