Nov 1, 2010

JLTS Get-together 2010

We don't know if it's by chance or by choice but my highschool barkada, JLTS (short for Judith Learns to Sing), only meets once a year and that for 2010 happened last Thursday, October 28. After so many discussions on the rendezvous, we settled for Cable Car along Arnaiz Avenue in Makati.

To start off, we had Nachos. I'm not very fond of salsa so I barely ate it but they finished the entire plate so I can assume it was good. It was kinda pricey though, large platter was at Php515.

For the main meal, we ordered the Cable Car Combo Pizza, Carbonara and Chicken Cordon Bleu. If you've been reading my blog, you'd know that the latter is a personal favorite :-)

The moment I sliced the Chicken Cordon Bleu, I knew my tastebuds will be very pleased! I loved the juicy chicken meat complimented by the melted cheese *drools*. I didn't even make use of the dressing, it's delicious all by itself :-)

The Carbonara is okay but I think my carbonara tastes better. Haha. No, I'm not bias! I have tried Shakey's' and Red Ribbon's and they both hit the mark for me but this one is a few notches short. Anyhoo...

And then the pizza! It's good! Sadly though, we had to take half of it home because we are too stuffed already.

For the drinks, I originally ordered iced tea but changed my mind when I took a sip from Dianne's Mango Shake. Good thing they allowed me to change my order. I soooooo loved it!

 (L-R) Pam had iced tea, Maine had Green Mango Shake and
Judith, Dianne and I had Ripe Mango Shake.

The two hours that we stayed in Cable Car was multi-tasking at it's finest. We ate, chit-chatted and took a lot of pictures at the same time. 

(L-R) Me, Dianne, Judith
 (L-R) Pam, Maine and Me.
 Crazy shots!

In the middle of camwhoring, as Pam stretched her arms to take a picture of us 5, a tall guy approached us saying "Hey, let me take a picture of you" and guess what, it was no less than...

Photo courtesy of Danny's YGroup

All of us were dumbfounded but still smiled sheepishly for the camera. After the shot, he gave the camera back and went on with his life while we're still starstruck. Hahaha.

 Notice how we transformed into finesse femmes in this shot.. Hahaha

The minutes that followed were spent thinking about how to approach him and have a picture taken with him (not just BY him haha). Not that we're fans. We just wanted a proof that he was the oh-so-kind guy who took a decent picture of us! LOL. And then when we finally mustered enough courage to walk up to him, a supermodel-esque gal came in and gave him a peck on the cheek. And that's our cue. We headed towards the exit disappointed and saying "Sayang!" again and again.

 This is our only proof that he was there! Pathetic! Hahaha

Oh by the way, let me mention how surprised I was when we got the bill. PhP 2080 for the food mentioned above?! Upon checking, we found out that almost 200 pesos was due to the service charge. If not for the Chicken Cordon Bleu, I'll say that it's not worth the price. But in fairness, the ambiance is cozy and laid-back, and there were very few people that night making us feel that we have the entire place all to ourselves, so okay narin :D

Next stop was Starbucks Greenbelt (a walking distance from Cable Car). Thanks to the boyfriends Chriz and Deniel for hanging out with us! Looking at the couples made me miss my Jhay :(

 Maine and Deniel & Pam and Chriz

Over the free frap and pastry courtesy of the guys, we reminisced about our highschool days - the teachers, the classmates and most especially the mischiefs. Amidst the boisterous laughters, we spotted guys from the latest season of PBB (sorry I don't know the names) and took a picture with them. Yeah, this time we didn't let the chance pass. Hahaha.

 Happy much?! Hahaha. It's actually because the guy in white (Ryan, right?) said
"Wait, where do we look?" as Chriz and Deniel simultaneously took pictures.

At around 11pm, we had to call it a night. We thought we should take a picture of all 7 of us so I stretched my arms to shoot when another foreigner offered help. Amusing because instead of kababayans offering help, foreigners pa!

 Photo taken by a foreign passer-by :)

So there, we had a great souvenir shot of the JLTS meet-up for 2010. Thanks again to the day's Good Samaritans! Till next night-out, sissums, and hopefully not on 2011! ;-)

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  1. wahahaha! you met ryan bang? *kung ganun man spell ng surname nia* hahaha.. katuwa yang batang yan.. :)

    puro pagkain come back blogs mo labs ah! wahahaha pero i like it :D but it sucks i'm on a diet :(


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