Nov 14, 2010

I Almost Fainted at Forever21

Not because there were too much people inside making it hard to breathe because if you've been there you'd know that the store was humongous (yes humongous is the term because it was a vast space filled with tons and tons of clothes and bags and shoes and kikay stuff!) I almost fainted because I went inside the store skeptical about me being able to get clothes my size but lo and behold, I went to the fitting room to try on 2 beautiful dresses and they perfectly fit!

I gave Forever21 a try because I need a floral dress for Headstrong's Luau-themed Christmas Party, and I wasn't disappointed! I got a simple-but-chic tube for only Php 569! Where else can a find something this pretty considering that I am full-figured? It really is a great find!

And then it's time for me try on the little black dress. I really don't need one but I couldn't resist love at first sight. When I put it on, it was, for a lack of a more apt adjective, breath-taking. Noreen and Jaq was with me inside the fitting room and they were laughing at me because I was looking at the mirror and screaming like a teenager looking at her crush. Really. I was going gaga over an LBD. Hahahaha.

I wanted to take a picture of the dresses on a hanger but they don't do them justice. So at the risk of spoiling my look on our Christmas Party and *insert non-existent event where I will wear the LBD here*, here they are:

I tried them on when I got home yesterday and fit them again a while ago to take pictures. Haha.

I also bought a pair of earrings to match my floral dress for Php 245. Yay, all I need to buy is a lei and I'm good to go! ^_^

Now that I know where I could find fab items at a reasonable price, I can hardly wait for my 13th Month Pay! Hahaha.

Another satisfied customer. See you again really soon F21!


  1. i've only been to F21 once... but i haven't shopped for anything yet. i should though, maybe soon... i dunno where my shopping motivation went!

  2. it's my first time to go there yesterday.. yeah, you should go na.. christmas is a perfect excuse for us girls to shop till we drop.. hahaha

  3. at nagmake up pa sya!!! wahahahahaha! love eeeeeeeeeeettttttttt!!!!! :D

  4. hahahaha.. opkors labs! nakakahiya naman sa dress ko! lahat sila dito sa bahay nagandahan sa black.. kung ano pa yung walang pag-gagamitan.. hahahaha

  5. The black dress looks good on you. :)

  6. haha.. naalala ko nanaman pagkabaliw mo nung time na yun.. :))

  7. Thanks a lot Anne! ^_^

    @Noreen: Oo na, ako na ang baliw.. Haha


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