Nov 3, 2010

Change is Good

Hurray for a new layout! ^_^

Well, yeah, it kinda looks like a school girl's blog and contradicts the "young woman" part in the description but I love how it looks clean and organized and colorful and easy on the eyes :-)

It has a wider space for the posts too, which I super duper like!

And have you noticed those little icons beside Posted by and Labels? Aren't they the cutest things? ^_^

I am totally lovin' this new look, except that it's a boy in the bicycle. But that's hardly noticeable, right? Hahaha.

I have yet to do some more tweaking, so please stay tuned. Oh and one more thing, I'd love to hear what you think :-)


  1. san mo nakuha ito?!?!?! haha.. nakalimutan kong magreact sa mail kanina, i was consumed by katamaran at the time.. :)


    maraming maganda tol.. only i have a lot of qualifications kaya eto lang ang pumasa.. hahaha.. there's a lot of black themes there.. nakoooooo naeexcite na ko para sayo! hahahaha

  3. I thought the layout is cute! I like it. :)


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