Nov 24, 2010

Brownies are ♥

Yesterday Honey and I went to Glorietta for a quick lunch date and we happen to pass by a Brownies Unlimited stall. I admit I was impelled to try it just because of the raffle. I mean, who wouldn't want 100 Boxes of Brownies for Christmas, right?

It's the perfect giveaway this season! :)
Photo taken from their official site.

And then I took the first bite. It was sooooooo yummy I found myself savoring the chocolate-y goodness with eyes closed. Hahahaha. No, really, what I liked about it is that it's moist and sweet just enough to keep you craving another piece. I actually wanted to consume the 6-pak in one sitting but I'm glad I didn't because when I ate another one today, I knew I had to blog about it. 

You guys should try Brownies Unlimited for yourself! And if ever you win, don't forget my share, ha? :)

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