Nov 6, 2010

Bench Poster for Greenday Wednesdays

While I'm still warming up for my posting marathon this weekend, let me share with you this poster that I saw at the Bench store in Cash and Carry Mall, Makati. I thought it's cool =)

I love the No Plastic Bag every Wednesday initiative. I saw this first in SM Supermalls and I've read that the DENR is encouraging more establishments to participate. Kudos to the stores and supermarkets taking part in this. And another kudos to Bench for a creative campaign. I hope all shops nationwide follow suit, soon.

Hear, hear to saving the environment, one plastic bag at a time! ^_^

Greenday Wednesdays by Bench
For one day you can help Mother Earth be a better place for future generations by bringing your own bag when purchasing any store item on Wednesdays. Bench Paper and plastic bags requested at the counter will be billed accordingly.


  1. hi Maudey! Thanks for the comment in my blog. :)


  2. it's about time Filipinos turn green. ^^,


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