Oct 2, 2010

WordCamp Today!

In an hour I'll be needing to start prepping up for WordCamp Philippines 2010 but I still haven't slept yet. My girls and I went singing our hearts out at a nearby videoke house and right now they've found their own spot in the living room floor and are already asleep. But here I am still posting my first blog for October.

So yeah, Jaq recently got promoted and of course she owes us a treat. Thus, a videoke party. We had like 40 songs including a lot of high-pitched ones which is mainly the reason why we they are already down and in deep slumber.

 My friends for life.

The scenario here right now is much like our thesis days, except that we're not stressed about circuits not working and documentations not even half-done. Right now all we are worried about is how we're gonna fit all the video files (think Glee, Vampire Diaries and Big Bang Theory) into our portable drives! Hahaha. It's gratifying that we're over and done with college kinks but it's kinda hard too that we need to make our schedules match to go out altogether.

I wish we could do sleepovers like this as often as before. It sure is one great way to relax and reminisce at the same time :-) I also wish I could do a lot more kwento but I need to take a nap. WordCamp starts in a few hours! It's my first time to meet bro-in-law and I don't want him to remember me as the girl with big black eyebags. Hahaha.

Will be back blogging tonight, hopefully with fresh ideas from the camp! ^_^


  1. so, asan ang kwento tungkol sa WordCamp? haha!

  2. eeeeeeeeehhhh.. waa pa kasi ako sa mood magsulat.. ikaw? asan ang kwento from tagaytay? :P

  3. you're friends with jaq?? :) cool. btw, thanks for reading my blog maudey. :)

  4. yeah, since we're college froshies :) you're welcome sinthea, thanks for dropping by too! :)


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