Oct 25, 2010

I Voted!

'Tis my first Barangay Elections, and I wholeheartedly went to the precinct at 9AM to vote for my dad. I was even wearing a yellow shirt, because it was their party's color. Talk about being supportive. Hahaha.

Ooooohhh.. I didn't know my camera can focus pretty well! :)
But yikes, I need a manicure. Haha.

It was surprising that I was done voting in 15 minutes, faster than using the PICOS machine last May. This, however, is nothing short of a typical Philippine elections - school grounds filled with trash campaign paraphernalia, people whispering their candidate's name to you just before you enter the precincts,  and lots of kwento about flying voters and vote-buying. Onli in da Pilipins :-|

Despite the classic process, I chose to be positive. I hope dad wins. Cross your fingers too, will you? :)

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