Oct 17, 2010

Back to Blogging (With an Award to Boot!)

Two weeks had gone by since I last posted a sensible blog entry. Everyday I try to push myself to write but I guess it's true that when you don't have the heart for it, you just won't be able to come up with something. So everyday for two weeks I go online only to check Facebook notifications and then open Blogger to watch my stats hit rock bottom. I tried so hard to pretend that it doesn't matter to me but deep down it sucks. Really. I mean, I go green with envy when I bloghop and see others having enough discipline to regularly  post, and post something great. Thus I promised myself that this weekend I'm gonna make it up. This blog deserves nothing less. Its readers, no matter few, deserve nothing less.

So now that I'm back, let me make it official by accepting an award that Jaq of My Way or the Highway had given me. I used to say she's biased because we're friends online and offline but I also wanna think that somehow I have written here a post or two that made me deserving of...

*drum roll please*

And with this award comes the challenge of describing one's blogging motivation, experience and philosophy in five words. It's not very easy but I'm giving it a try:

1. Passion. A Glee character once said, "The only life worth living is the one that you truly are passionate about." And because I do not write professionally, I feel that I am still living out my love for writing through this blog. Each published post gives me a sense of pride. I may not have the best design or the most readership but this little craft gives me happiness and personal fulfillment enough to keep me going.

2. Self-expression. Noticed the blog title? I call this "my avenue" for a reason. This is where I can just rave and rant and let it all out. This is where I let my thoughts flow, where I pour in my emotions.  This is where I share reflections and life's little lessons hoping that somehow I can be another's inspiration.

3. Chronicle. Alright, this doesn't end in "-ion" but I believe it deserves to be here. I have always wanted a personal blog because I want to tell a story -- my story. I want to document my adventures and experiences so that years from now, I can just go online and get an instant trip down memory lane.

4. Information. Whenever I go somewhere, whether on a getaway, a simple night-out, or just trying out a new restaurant or dish, I throw in details of it when I blog. Informative articles in the blogosphere has helped me in the past (it still does, actually) thus I wanted to return the favor.

5. Appreciation. Whoever doesn't want the A word should have himself checked. I mean, really, we all want positive reception in terms of followers, daily visits, links in the blog roll and my favorite of them all: COMMENTS :-) These things boost my desire to put ideas into words. They make me want to blog more and more because I feel that somewhere someone finds my posts worth their time and effort.

There you go. Now it's my turn to confer the award to 10  bloggers who are doing a great job :-)

Mae of A Lifetime of Togetherness
Mei of Cravings of the Newlyweds
Fleur of Mommy Fleur
Chevy Mae of Peace, Love and Candy
Cricket of The Drama Queen Can Tell Stories

-- and people I look up to, people who may not have the time to do something like this but I'm including anyway because they deserve the honor:

P.S. Thank you Jaq. You and Sinthea should be on the list too but you guys are over and done with this :D


  1. di ko pa nababasa, pero i loooooovvvvveeee it that your comeback chorva is this! :)

  2. one (of your many utangs) done! :)

    on number 3&4, you're really good at those :) i wish i can arrange my thoughts like you do so that i could make a good post out of all the things happening in my life. if you may have noticed, i don't tell kwentos in my blog that much because i don't think i can give justice with all the emotions (happy or sad) i had at the time. haha! but you, you're doing it like you do it in tagalog! haha!

    P.S. it's not *entirely* true that i "gave" the award to you because you're my friend, you know me, I'd make lait to you if you are lait-able.. haha.. but you deserve this :)

  3. I know I've already told you this over FB chat but I'm saying it again.. This is sooooooo sweet I could cry! Thanks so much labs, for giving me more than enough moral support. ^_^ Much love.

  4. you are blogging perfectly fine... you just need to get your blogging groove back! it happens to anyone -- any blogger for that matter.... so don't fret, it's just a phase...


  5. Wow thanks a lot Orman for dropping by! And another thank you for taking time to comment! Your kind words mean so much ^_^


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