Oct 21, 2010

And Another One!

This blog has been receiving some love in the past couple of days. First is the Blog with Substance Award. Then I got a heart-warming comment from Jaq and a moral boost from high-profile blogger Orman of Ganda Ever So Much. And then recently, Mei of Cravings of the Newlyweds and A Match Made in Heaven gave me this:

I can't thank you guys enough. Because of you I am totally geared up to write more entries. I'm actually considering quitting my day job to be a full-time blogger! Hahaha. Nah, kidding aside, I am enjoying writing now more than ever. And this new award is just awesome because it gave me a chance to share random things about myself - something that I haven't done here yet. Read on...

1. I comb only once - after taking a bath, that is - and survive the rest of the day just by running my fingers through my hair.

2. Ask me to combat cockroaches and I will do it in a heartbeat but please don't make me get near dogs and cats. Yeah, I'm weird like that.

3. I have tried to shed some pounds but fail miserably when faced with a sizzling bowl of Pork Sinigang.

4. I love the number 4! 'Nuff said :P

5. People think that I can do a lot of things but I actually don't have a talent. I suck at singing and have two left feet. I cannot act nor draw. I can't even play a single musical instrument. I always get compliments for my penmanship but that doesn't count, right?

6. I dream of becoming a wedding planner. In fact I have been planning my wedding for the longest time - a wedding that's still set to happen on 2016 (because I want it on a Saturday and don't want a different anniversary date). Jhay, however, doesn't like the idea because he's 31 by then. I always tell him that I'll marry him anytime, provided that he has a million to make my dream wedding come true. Bad ba ko? Hahaha.

7. Apart from having a wall that boasts of diplomas and graduation pictures of 6 beautiful young ladies, my ultimate dream is to travel the world. I keep believing that one day I'll get the chance (and more importantly, the resources) to shop till I drop in NYC, sunbathe in Santorini, boat in Venice, pray inside Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona, walk the Great Wall, and capture in photograph my life's sweetest kiss with the magnificent Eiffel Tower in the background :-)


Now I am tagging Jaq and Sinthea because of 2 things:

1. I soooo wanted to include them in my previous list but it's against the rule (by the way, please check out the rules for this award too, it's here :))
2. They are versatility personified.

Go girls! :D


  1. ngayon ko lang to nakita! haha. my oh my maudey! thanks! i feel elated again! :D:D weeeee!!! all smiles ako ngayon. grabe. dahil sayo to! :D thanks!!!! :)

  2. you're welcome Sinthea! you soooooooooo deserve it! ^_^ wait ko yung 7 random things about you, ha? hehe..

  3. i love you 7 random things! nakatuwa, i also comb my hair once, loves pork sinigang, scared with dogs and cats, especially cats...and number 5..wahahaha


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