Sep 27, 2010

Wedding Expo 2010

Me in a beautiful gown with a (really) long train, my groom looking dashing in a black tuxedo, friends and family dressed up in my 5-color motif, everyone happy and emotional as they witness our exchange of vows - all those and more for the wedding of my dreams. Yes, I have always been fascinated with weddings that's why the moment I heard of the Wedding Expo Philippines 2010, I registered right away. Of course I signed-up for Jhay too so that we can go together but he's sick so I just tagged along one of my girlfriends, Nhix, because there really is no stopping me.

Both excited, we got to the SMX Convention Center around 3pm. It was my first time to go to a wedding fair and I was ecstatic! I don't know where to go to first! Photo and video? Gowns? Invitations? Cakes? Sweet Jesus! It was a wedding enthusiast's piece of heaven on earth! ^_^

Nhix and I walked around like real soon-to-weds asking for quotations and discounts. There was this one booth whose offer almost made us swoon: East Digital Photography. From the photo and video coverage package of 135k++, they are giving it for 65k++!!! And that still comes with a lot (and I really mean a LOT) of freebies! Mimi and Karl is still my top choice but money-wise, EDP was an amazing deal! Plus, their portfolio isn't bad at all! Oh well, I just wish I'll chance upon something like that when I really am getting married.

Moving on, we headed to the Jewelries section. The wedding rings are lovely, but the engagement rings were just breath-taking! *Sigh* Can we just fast-forward to Jhay's proposal? LOL.

And then the photobooths, they're free! All you have to do is line up and you get an instant souvenir! Nhix and I got 4 ^_^

Crazy shots! Love them all!
Thanks to Snap It, Litrato and Pic Me!

We wandered some more and we didn't mind our leg muscles aching. Anywhere you turn your head to you see something beautiful, so you'll really lose track of how long you've been walking around. Too bad picture-taking is discouraged inside the exhibit hall.

Me posing by a gigantic #4 outside (it's our number, that's why! :D)

All the flyers that I've gathered. Now I don't have to guess the prices
that I input in my "dream wedding" excel sheet. Hahaha.

After around 3 hours of strolling past pretty displays, we decided to leave SMX. We've seen enough... enough to keep daydreaming about our turn to be brides. *wink wink*

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