Sep 30, 2010

More Glee Lovin'

I don't want Glee to be a staple Wednesday early Thursday morning post but I just can't help it! Episode 2 was so freakin' hot!

First off, Brittany was a revelation! I used to look at her and see nothing more than a dumb blond chic but the I'm a Slave 4 U number changed everything! Her body was smokin' and her dance moves made Britney look lame! Okay I'm sounding like a lesbian now but what the heck. She's oooooooh-some and even you can't deny that.

And then Toxic. I have to say they did the title justice. Especially Mr. Schue. Thank heavens I felt his presence now! Boy, he rocked it big time! Truly, truly intoxicating production.

And finally, capping the episode with The Only Exception was a perfect neutralizer. Almost all the songs done are sensual and this Paramore hit filled in on the emotions. I found myself sheepishly smiling while texting Jhay that the song got me thinking of him the whole time. Shoot, that was one big block of cheese! Hahaha.

With all those adjectives said, it's safe to say that Glee keeps outdoing itself. I wonder what they have in store for next week. That better be exceptional because I don't wanna eat my words. LOL.

Oh, before I forget, you have to congratulate me for being able to embed videos here! First time! :D


  1. Rachel looks like Anne Curtis when she was singing inside the car. Geez I forgot the title of the song!

  2. Baby One More Time? Yeah, could be because of the lips! Hahaha.

    Thanks for your very first comment! :D


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