Sep 10, 2010


It's another Friday! :D Although mine is a TGIT (Thank God It's Thursday because my long weekend started yesterday), there's still something to be thankful for today. This morning, Jhay and I went to mass together at Quiapo church and even if it's hot and crowded, I loved it because it's another moment of worshiping Him with Jhay by my side. After the mass, we hit the Jollibee store in front of the church to grab a quick breakfast. And here comes the highlight of this post:

I looooooved the Jollibee Beef Tapa! It's the first time that I ordered this and it didn't disappoint! ^_^ It was as appealing to the palate as it was to the eyes. Very tender and tasty and just oh-so-good! Well, Tapa King is still #1 in my book but for 76 pesos (with a cup of hot chocolate on the side), it's a good deal!

C'mon, head to the nearest Jollibee tomorrow and try it! I had a lovelier morning because of it and I'm sure you will, too! :D

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