Sep 23, 2010

Glee: The Things I Loved and Hated

To say that the world adores Charice in Glee's all new season is a huge understatement. Google and Twitter stats couldn't agree more. So I am definitely not making this just another rave item. Being a self-confessed Gleek, I will try to be very very objective instead and jot down some love and hate factors in the premiere episode. Lemme start...

LOVE: the mention that Charice is a Filipino, not merely Asian
HATE: excessive unnecessary hand gestures while singing "Listen" (well, yeah, she showcased her singing prowess, but still.. :P)

LOVE: Puck! Geez, I missed him! ^^,
HATE: Rachel's exaggerated facial expressions (She's been like that since season 1's pilot. Haven't you gotten used to it yet, Em?)

LOVE: the "Empire State of Mind" number. And oh, the statement shirt! I want one!
HATE: the annoying aura of the journalist/reporter/blogger in the opening scene. See, I don't even know his name.

LOVE: how much supportive a boyfriend Finn is, despite the girlfriend's attitude. LOL.
HATE: his two left feet. hahahaha.

LOVE: Kurt's confidence before he got slushied
HATE: Rachel's dress and white socks combo! Goodness, a tiny fashion sense won't hurt!

LOVE: the casting director's ability to find a female version of Ken Tanaka (seriously, just looking at her makes me laugh)
HATE: the bouncer-looking guy carrying Charice's Hello Kitty backpack

LOVE: Sam Evans' first few lines of Billionaire
HATE: Hairography in Telephone (if you just tuned in to Glee, Google can prolly help you out with the H word :))

LOVE: Sue! She's a classic! And she just met her match in the person of Beiste.
HATE: the fact that I can't remember anything about Mr. Schue. Oh, was he there? Hahaha.

LOVE: the vibes that Wednesdays will be a no O.T. day :D
HATE: Friggin' commercials!!! >=(

Agree? Differ? Go write your own. Kiddin' :P

Hit that comment button and show me what you got :-)

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