Sep 9, 2010

Eating our Hearts out at Kamayan

I previously wrote here that I have 2 engagements on September 4: a spa session and a date with my Jhay for our 63rd month. A few days earlier, he told me that he’ll be taking charge of everything (because he seldom does that, he always lets me decide on things), and that all I have to do is do what he asks me to. So I was giddy.

The day came, and things went a little off-track because we spent almost three hours in The Spa instead of the planned 2 hours. And have I already mentioned that waiting isn’t one of Jhay’s specialties? This resulted to him giving me silent treatment the entire time we were in the cab. From Makati to Ortigas wasn’t so short a ride considering the heavy traffic in EDSA even if it’s a Saturday. But I’m lucky that my honey is easy to please. It was one of the things that I love about him: a little lambing goes a long way. So upon reaching Megamall, we were already hand-in-hand and loving each moment of the 4th of the month :D

Eventhough I already had a clue, I played innocent by asking him where we’ll eat. He won’t say it, he just tagged me along until we reached the 4th floor and that’s when my instinct was confirmed. We’re having an Eat-All-You-Can dinner at Kamayan! It’s nothing special for most but it is for us because it’s the first time that we’re pigging out together. Hahaha.

So without further ado, here’s our first round *in the background a bell is ringing like that in a boxing match*:



My plate had Bagoong Rice, Fried Chicken, Dinuguan, Lechon Kawali, a seafood dish that I already forgot the name, and Fish Fillet that they have another name for. LOL.

His plate had almost the same thing except that he has Lumpiang Shanghai and Crispy Alimasag in addition.

I was starving so I quickly finished most of my food but I had to breathe in and out a few times before I could clear my plate of all the viands (ask my friends, they can attest that I can eat a lot of rice with only a small serving of viand). I especially loved the Lechon Kawali (artery-clogging, I know) and the Lumpiang Shanghai. The Fish Fillet and Crispy Alimasag is also a winner but their Dinuguan didn’t hit the mark. It was like that of a local eatery :-(

And then we chatted for a few minutes as we made way for the next round. I forgot to take a picture of Jhay’s 2nd plate but mine had this.

Pork Barbeque, Minatamis na Saging na Saba, Biko and Puto Bumbong

I am a sucker for barbeque so it was the round's runaway winner. Jhay took advantage of my BBQ fascination and the next thing I saw was a bite left of the Puto Bumbong and him trying to keep his laughter to himself. Hahaha.

 Jhay watching me and my big appetite.

 He took one shot after another trying to capture my takaw moments.

You think I'm done? Oh no, not yet! I went back to the buffet table for dessert!

In my plate are 2 small pieces of Bibingka, 2 slices of gelatin and the classic halo-halo. I loved the ube topping, although I would have loved it more if it has leche flan too!

After our palates are satisfied and our tummies full, he took the bill. We paid PhP 922 for the two buffet meals and two bottomless iced tea. Is it worth it? With an appetite like ours, it's a yes, yes, yes! *except for the iced tea, you're better off with water, believe me*

And please let me mention how I love my blouse that day for concealing the right areas. *wink wink*

After we've gotten enough rest, we looked for Etude House - a boutique that sells high-quality yet affordable Korean cosmetics. It is a kikay's haven so go check it out :-)

I asked honey to buy me a lipstick (I told you, he's easy to lambing ^_^) but I didn't find the shade that I want so I ended up buying this eye shadow instead.

 Petite Darling Eyes Eyeshadow for Php 148.

Thank you so much for the dinner and the little present, hon. Oh, one question: When are we doing this again??? :D


  1. wow! puto bumbong! im craving for that.. i hope i can make one.. : (

  2. yeah, the one we had there was super yummy! too bad i only had a bite! hahaha.. i suggest you and hubby come home this christmas so you can eat lots of them! :)


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