Sep 3, 2010

4Ts and an S

The past few days I’ve been staying late in the office. Workload’s kinda tough so I go home somewhere between 12MN and 3AM. I guess my body clock had adjusted pretty well so I’m still up and about at 1 in the morning. I really really wanted to rest but sleep just won’t come knocking at my door so I thought I might as well make the “puyat” worth it.

So here’s my agenda for the night… err, morning..
I wanted to share 4 things that I am thankful for today – 4 very little things that gave me a few seconds of happiness:
* I have finally added the LinkWithin gadget here. So what the hell is LinkWithin? It’s that portion at the bottom of my posts (come on, scroll down for a while) that links 3 related stories so that visitors can easily hop from one post to another. Really nice, isn’t it? Get yours here. :D
* Toblerone Pilipinas just sent a message saying that instead of the previously announced prize of Php 2000 worth of The Spa GCs which I and my Epic friend will share, they’re giving us PhP 2000 each to avail full pampering packages! Awesome!
* I had some quality time with my two darling babies, Kurt (my favorite inaanak who lives with us now) and Haley. It was super amusing to play with them and sing A-B-C and take pictures. Here are a few shots:

Please excuse my baby hair strands all around :P
And last but not the least…
* It’s Friday already! I don’t know if it’s because of the Monday holiday or I was just too busy that I hardly noticed the days pass. It’s weekend once again and this weekend is a really exciting one because it’s the awarding of the Toblerone Epic Friend Promo (that means chocolates and spa and girl bonding) and Jhay and I will be turning 63 months! He said he’s cooking up something special for our monthsary so I’m really looking forward to that.
Oh speaking of my Jhay, the S that I am talking about is a Sorry.

*mellow music in 3, 2, 1...*

Since I got home early today, Jhay and I intended to catch up on our how’s-your-day session and eat-at-the-same-time-even-if-we're-kilometers-apart habit every night. But my mood swings and short temper got the better of me. Yes, we fought. They say girls rarely admit it when they’re wrong but here I am saying it was my bad. And I’m sorry. So please honey, when you wake up, bati na tayo ha? :D

There you have it. It's 2AM in my clock and I was able to spend my one hour well. Now let's all have a great night and a beautiful Friday ahead :-)


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