Sep 30, 2010

More Glee Lovin'

I don't want Glee to be a staple Wednesday early Thursday morning post but I just can't help it! Episode 2 was so freakin' hot!

First off, Brittany was a revelation! I used to look at her and see nothing more than a dumb blond chic but the I'm a Slave 4 U number changed everything! Her body was smokin' and her dance moves made Britney look lame! Okay I'm sounding like a lesbian now but what the heck. She's oooooooh-some and even you can't deny that.

And then Toxic. I have to say they did the title justice. Especially Mr. Schue. Thank heavens I felt his presence now! Boy, he rocked it big time! Truly, truly intoxicating production.

And finally, capping the episode with The Only Exception was a perfect neutralizer. Almost all the songs done are sensual and this Paramore hit filled in on the emotions. I found myself sheepishly smiling while texting Jhay that the song got me thinking of him the whole time. Shoot, that was one big block of cheese! Hahaha.

With all those adjectives said, it's safe to say that Glee keeps outdoing itself. I wonder what they have in store for next week. That better be exceptional because I don't wanna eat my words. LOL.

Oh, before I forget, you have to congratulate me for being able to embed videos here! First time! :D

Sep 27, 2010

A Fab Footwear for a Hundred Bucks

I have been constantly mentioning that I spend a lot of time in the office lately. And early this month, the hardwork kinda paid off because I, along with other team mates, received a "Pat on the Back." POB is an incentive given to selected employees monthly to recognize their efforts and to motivate others to step up. Well it's only 300 pesos worth of GC and an e-mail announcement but it's a little something that affirms that I am not screwing up. Hahaha.

And then comes HSBC's new promo: A single-receipt purchase of at least PhP 2000 anywhere with your credit card gives you a PhP 100 gift pass from SM Department Stores or Ayala Malls.
Because I use my card when I do groceries, I am entitled to two gift passes this month :) I love HSBC already! Last time, it was free Starbucks drinks and now this. Spending at it's finest. LOL.

Why am I saying this, you may ask. It's because I am happy to share that I got this really chic sandals for only a hundred pesos!

Uhhh it's actually PhP 600 but because I have GCs, I only paid for the remaining amount. Spending extra time in the office and extra bucks in the supermarket has never been this rewarding! :D

Wedding Expo 2010

Me in a beautiful gown with a (really) long train, my groom looking dashing in a black tuxedo, friends and family dressed up in my 5-color motif, everyone happy and emotional as they witness our exchange of vows - all those and more for the wedding of my dreams. Yes, I have always been fascinated with weddings that's why the moment I heard of the Wedding Expo Philippines 2010, I registered right away. Of course I signed-up for Jhay too so that we can go together but he's sick so I just tagged along one of my girlfriends, Nhix, because there really is no stopping me.

Both excited, we got to the SMX Convention Center around 3pm. It was my first time to go to a wedding fair and I was ecstatic! I don't know where to go to first! Photo and video? Gowns? Invitations? Cakes? Sweet Jesus! It was a wedding enthusiast's piece of heaven on earth! ^_^

Nhix and I walked around like real soon-to-weds asking for quotations and discounts. There was this one booth whose offer almost made us swoon: East Digital Photography. From the photo and video coverage package of 135k++, they are giving it for 65k++!!! And that still comes with a lot (and I really mean a LOT) of freebies! Mimi and Karl is still my top choice but money-wise, EDP was an amazing deal! Plus, their portfolio isn't bad at all! Oh well, I just wish I'll chance upon something like that when I really am getting married.

Moving on, we headed to the Jewelries section. The wedding rings are lovely, but the engagement rings were just breath-taking! *Sigh* Can we just fast-forward to Jhay's proposal? LOL.

And then the photobooths, they're free! All you have to do is line up and you get an instant souvenir! Nhix and I got 4 ^_^

Crazy shots! Love them all!
Thanks to Snap It, Litrato and Pic Me!

We wandered some more and we didn't mind our leg muscles aching. Anywhere you turn your head to you see something beautiful, so you'll really lose track of how long you've been walking around. Too bad picture-taking is discouraged inside the exhibit hall.

Me posing by a gigantic #4 outside (it's our number, that's why! :D)

All the flyers that I've gathered. Now I don't have to guess the prices
that I input in my "dream wedding" excel sheet. Hahaha.

After around 3 hours of strolling past pretty displays, we decided to leave SMX. We've seen enough... enough to keep daydreaming about our turn to be brides. *wink wink*

Sep 23, 2010

Glee: The Things I Loved and Hated

To say that the world adores Charice in Glee's all new season is a huge understatement. Google and Twitter stats couldn't agree more. So I am definitely not making this just another rave item. Being a self-confessed Gleek, I will try to be very very objective instead and jot down some love and hate factors in the premiere episode. Lemme start...

LOVE: the mention that Charice is a Filipino, not merely Asian
HATE: excessive unnecessary hand gestures while singing "Listen" (well, yeah, she showcased her singing prowess, but still.. :P)

LOVE: Puck! Geez, I missed him! ^^,
HATE: Rachel's exaggerated facial expressions (She's been like that since season 1's pilot. Haven't you gotten used to it yet, Em?)

LOVE: the "Empire State of Mind" number. And oh, the statement shirt! I want one!
HATE: the annoying aura of the journalist/reporter/blogger in the opening scene. See, I don't even know his name.

LOVE: how much supportive a boyfriend Finn is, despite the girlfriend's attitude. LOL.
HATE: his two left feet. hahahaha.

LOVE: Kurt's confidence before he got slushied
HATE: Rachel's dress and white socks combo! Goodness, a tiny fashion sense won't hurt!

LOVE: the casting director's ability to find a female version of Ken Tanaka (seriously, just looking at her makes me laugh)
HATE: the bouncer-looking guy carrying Charice's Hello Kitty backpack

LOVE: Sam Evans' first few lines of Billionaire
HATE: Hairography in Telephone (if you just tuned in to Glee, Google can prolly help you out with the H word :))

LOVE: Sue! She's a classic! And she just met her match in the person of Beiste.
HATE: the fact that I can't remember anything about Mr. Schue. Oh, was he there? Hahaha.

LOVE: the vibes that Wednesdays will be a no O.T. day :D
HATE: Friggin' commercials!!! >=(

Agree? Differ? Go write your own. Kiddin' :P

Hit that comment button and show me what you got :-)

Sep 22, 2010

A Love That Gets Better Everyday

While waiting for my turn in the bathroom, I thought of going through my old cellphone's message archive. I've read a lot of sweet nothings from Jhay and quite a number of texts about our fights eons ago. But there was this one message that made me cry. Here, let me share it with you..

"Tutal nasimulan ko na, sasabihin ko na lahat...

Sana yung next GF mo, madala mo sa inyo at maipakilala mo sa family mo...
Sana maipagmalaki mo sya sa friends mo tsaka mapakilala mo rin sya personally..
Sana you could show up at her house when she tells you she's sick and she can do the same to you...
Sana kahit once, give her a bouquet of flowers. It would make her feel like a real woman...
Sana hindi mo mamiss yung birthday nya for three consecutive years...
Sana magkasama kayo sa bawat anniv nyo kahit gaano pa kasama yung panahon or kahit gaano pa kadami yung ginagawa mo...
Sana makasama mo sya on long trips and you'd realize how happy it is to be just the two of you...
And I hope you'd love her with all of you. Way more than you loved me. Because if this is your all, I'm telling you, this is barely enough."

-from Me to Him
February 28, 2008

I sent it during one of our major fights and now reading it made me feel so good because I realized how far Jhay and I have come. I used to just wish upon a star (LOL) but now he has done almost all of those. I love the man he has become. I love how the "better him" makes me feel.

He surprised me with a beautiful bouquet matching my graduation dress.

Here's to you honey. And to our love that gets better everyday :)

Sep 19, 2010

On Being a Sister

It has been a tough week, and my being MIA since last Saturday is proof enough that there are indeed important things that took my attention. Work’s been crazy. On Thursday night I wasn’t able to go home because I got all my tasks in the office done. Workaholic week, I guess. And it seems that it’ll be like that until next month but I will try harder this time to sneak a few moments to update.

September 17th is Nanay Letty’s (dad’s mom) 78th birthday and we had some sort of double celebration here at home because the next day is another cousin’s birthday too. Most of the relatives came over so even if I only had an hour of sleep, I had to stay up until around 9:30 PM when I finally gave in to my eyes’ desire to fall into deep slumber.

Spending time with my bed and the pillows everywhere was love. So just imagine how annoyed I was when Mom woke me up at 12 midnight just because according to her, I “HAD” to talk to my sister, Faye, about some serious matters. I was like “Come on Mom, can’t it wait until tomorrow?” Apparently, it can’t. Here’s to give you a quick background:

Modesty aside, being in the honor roll is a trend in the family. And Faye didn’t disappoint as she was the class topnotcher since first grade. Now she’s in third year high and for the first time in her academic career she shared the “First Honor” title with another student. Mom was surprised, and with what they call mother’s instinct, she found out that this is attributable to 2 things: excessive involvement in extra-curriculars… and her having a boyfriend.

Being the one who supports Faye in terms of school finances, I was given the difficult task of ironing things out. With Mom still nagging non-stop, I found Faye in their room finding it hard to breathe due to too much crying. At that moment, four words were continually running in my head: Been there, done that.

I know exactly how it feels. Believe it or not, I was in the same situation ages ago, only I was a high school freshie when it happened. And mine was worse because from being the batch valedictorian in elementary, I slipped into Top 9 the succeeding year. So I guess my (furious) Mom was right, I am in the best position to do this counseling.

I’m proud that even if I am a cranky older sister and scold them most of the time for their silly ways, I am collected and rational when it comes to issues like this. I asked Faye what went wrong and through her sobs she replied that it had nothing to do with Throy (the boyfriend). It was actually due to her being excused from her classes time and again to attend to org work and other non-academic stuff, let alone the fact that she’s been absent for a week due to sore eyes. And the guy who shared the top spot with her was exclusively attentive to scholastics.

I told her, first and foremost, even if it breaks my heart too, that she should end her relationship with Throy. It wouldn’t be easy, but right now that’s the best thing that she can do. I know how painful it will be for her, but I said that if the guy really loves her, he’ll still be there when she’s already recovered academically.

I told her that we can never ever change the way our Mom thinks. She loathes the idea of being in a relationship while still studying. She has this strong conviction that boys are a distraction. And although I personally disagree because Jhay has been my inspiration since 2nd year college, I had to ask Faye to stay away from her young love, at least for the mean time. I told her not to try to hide things from me, and I got the assurance that I needed so I went on.

I told her that she needs to balance academics and extra-curricular activities, that she should learn how to do things in moderation. I know how important club officerships are, but she should keep in mind that the main arena is still inside the classroom. She can be excused from time to time, but she should be responsible enough to make up for what she’s missed.

I told her that now that the “other First Honor” knows that he can keep up with her, he’ll be more aggressive. With that she should work thrice as hard. She said that the guy is a wide reader and she is not, but I told her that she can be anything that she wants to be. She only needs to focus on her studies to prove to Mom that come 2nd quarter, she’ll be able to get the top spot, this time exclusively.

I told her that overconfidence can ruin her, and that I am saying that from experience. She said that classmates and friends used to call her “the unbeatable” and now we both know that she isn’t anymore, but that doesn’t make her less intelligent. I told her that I believe that she can do better, and that she needs to keep the same conviction.

I told her to lessen going out with friends on weekends, and to learn how to identify good company from bad. I told her that there is a big probability that Mom will think she’ll meet up with Throy even if she’s really doing a school project, so she should be ready to do what it takes to convince her otherwise.

I told her, now with tears rolling down my cheeks, that among my regrets is not doing my best to be the high school valedictorian, so she should not let that happen to her too. She’s gotten far and now isn’t the time to back off. I told her that her dreams are already within her reach, and that a little more perseverance can take her just where she wants to be.

I think I have said all that I needed to, so I just asked her to reiterate the main points as we put the conversation to a close. And when I told her to go to sleep, I was surprised when she hugged me saying

Thank you Ate, ikaw lang talaga ang nakakaintindi sakin

and that’s when I really burst into tears. I hugged her back, hugged her tight enough to let her know that she’s loved and that everything’s gonna be alright.

After that, she laid down and tried to put herself to sleep. I once again asked her to stop crying already as I got up and headed to my room. In the past days I kept thinking about what to blog after a long absence but I realized I really need not think too hard. Blog topics really come when you least expect it. I just hope this sufficed for a comeback :)

And if by chance she's reading this...

Faye, thank you so much for making me feel that I’m doing a good job being a sister. By the end of the year, make Mom and Dad proud when you go up the stage and claim that gold medal that is rightfully yours.

Sep 11, 2010

I am so pissed off with my own stupidity

An hour earlier, I was talking to my Victoria's Secret Cologne while I transferred some of its contents to a smaller atomizer that I carry in my bag everyday:

"Dear cologne, please stay with me until Richard* comes back on December and gives me another bottle for pasalubong."

*Richard is a college classmate-turned-officemate-turned-true friend who is assigned to the US for work.

And now that I'm about to leave the house, I opened my drawer, took a hanky and got so freaked out because it was drenched in my beloved body mist! T_T

Other stuffs in the drawer are bathing in VS scent too. *Sigh* Turns out I forgot to screw the bottle close a while ago. What's supposed to last until the end of the year is all gone. Stupid stupid me :(

Sep 10, 2010


It's another Friday! :D Although mine is a TGIT (Thank God It's Thursday because my long weekend started yesterday), there's still something to be thankful for today. This morning, Jhay and I went to mass together at Quiapo church and even if it's hot and crowded, I loved it because it's another moment of worshiping Him with Jhay by my side. After the mass, we hit the Jollibee store in front of the church to grab a quick breakfast. And here comes the highlight of this post:

I looooooved the Jollibee Beef Tapa! It's the first time that I ordered this and it didn't disappoint! ^_^ It was as appealing to the palate as it was to the eyes. Very tender and tasty and just oh-so-good! Well, Tapa King is still #1 in my book but for 76 pesos (with a cup of hot chocolate on the side), it's a good deal!

C'mon, head to the nearest Jollibee tomorrow and try it! I had a lovelier morning because of it and I'm sure you will, too! :D

Sep 9, 2010

Eating our Hearts out at Kamayan

I previously wrote here that I have 2 engagements on September 4: a spa session and a date with my Jhay for our 63rd month. A few days earlier, he told me that he’ll be taking charge of everything (because he seldom does that, he always lets me decide on things), and that all I have to do is do what he asks me to. So I was giddy.

The day came, and things went a little off-track because we spent almost three hours in The Spa instead of the planned 2 hours. And have I already mentioned that waiting isn’t one of Jhay’s specialties? This resulted to him giving me silent treatment the entire time we were in the cab. From Makati to Ortigas wasn’t so short a ride considering the heavy traffic in EDSA even if it’s a Saturday. But I’m lucky that my honey is easy to please. It was one of the things that I love about him: a little lambing goes a long way. So upon reaching Megamall, we were already hand-in-hand and loving each moment of the 4th of the month :D

Eventhough I already had a clue, I played innocent by asking him where we’ll eat. He won’t say it, he just tagged me along until we reached the 4th floor and that’s when my instinct was confirmed. We’re having an Eat-All-You-Can dinner at Kamayan! It’s nothing special for most but it is for us because it’s the first time that we’re pigging out together. Hahaha.

So without further ado, here’s our first round *in the background a bell is ringing like that in a boxing match*:



My plate had Bagoong Rice, Fried Chicken, Dinuguan, Lechon Kawali, a seafood dish that I already forgot the name, and Fish Fillet that they have another name for. LOL.

His plate had almost the same thing except that he has Lumpiang Shanghai and Crispy Alimasag in addition.

I was starving so I quickly finished most of my food but I had to breathe in and out a few times before I could clear my plate of all the viands (ask my friends, they can attest that I can eat a lot of rice with only a small serving of viand). I especially loved the Lechon Kawali (artery-clogging, I know) and the Lumpiang Shanghai. The Fish Fillet and Crispy Alimasag is also a winner but their Dinuguan didn’t hit the mark. It was like that of a local eatery :-(

And then we chatted for a few minutes as we made way for the next round. I forgot to take a picture of Jhay’s 2nd plate but mine had this.

Pork Barbeque, Minatamis na Saging na Saba, Biko and Puto Bumbong

I am a sucker for barbeque so it was the round's runaway winner. Jhay took advantage of my BBQ fascination and the next thing I saw was a bite left of the Puto Bumbong and him trying to keep his laughter to himself. Hahaha.

 Jhay watching me and my big appetite.

 He took one shot after another trying to capture my takaw moments.

You think I'm done? Oh no, not yet! I went back to the buffet table for dessert!

In my plate are 2 small pieces of Bibingka, 2 slices of gelatin and the classic halo-halo. I loved the ube topping, although I would have loved it more if it has leche flan too!

After our palates are satisfied and our tummies full, he took the bill. We paid PhP 922 for the two buffet meals and two bottomless iced tea. Is it worth it? With an appetite like ours, it's a yes, yes, yes! *except for the iced tea, you're better off with water, believe me*

And please let me mention how I love my blouse that day for concealing the right areas. *wink wink*

After we've gotten enough rest, we looked for Etude House - a boutique that sells high-quality yet affordable Korean cosmetics. It is a kikay's haven so go check it out :-)

I asked honey to buy me a lipstick (I told you, he's easy to lambing ^_^) but I didn't find the shade that I want so I ended up buying this eye shadow instead.

 Petite Darling Eyes Eyeshadow for Php 148.

Thank you so much for the dinner and the little present, hon. Oh, one question: When are we doing this again??? :D

Sep 6, 2010

A Spa-bulous Saturday

Almost a week of popping online contacts messages telling them to vote for our entry to the Toblerone Epic Friend Promo was very much worth it as the Toblerone Piipinas team awarded us the gift packs and 2 PhP2000 The Spa Gift Cards last Saturday, September 4th. I and Ate Pants (my Epic Friend) went all the way to The Spa at Bonifacio Global City for the awarding ceremony along with the other winners. It was fun to meet the cool (and generous) people behind the contest especially the Brand Ambassador for Toblerone Pilipinas, Ian, who gave a very heart-warming opening speech in his slang Tag-lish :-)

The Spa @ Global City
With Ian of the Toblerone Team.

Our prizes.

5 pairs were chosen to read their winning piece to the group. Good thing Ate Pants and I were not picked because we are both very emotional we might be crying even before reaching halfway.

Us with the other Epic Friends Promo winners.

After the photo opps, we hurried to The Spa Bel-Air branch for our Refreshing Start session at 3:30pm (The Fort's fully-booked, that's why). 

 We chose Swedish body massage, Peppermint Foot Rub and
Aroma Scalp and Shoulder massage, all for Php 1950.

The Fort branch was modern and more of black and white while Bel-Air has an Oriental feel - very cozy and homey with stylish wooden pieces all over. We got there earlier than our appointment but when I asked if we can already be accommodated, they happily obliged :-) We presented our Gift Cards and were given the keys to our locker with corresponding numbers. Then they asked us to proceed to the 4th floor where the Female Spa is located. 

I just love the dainty little details :D

As soon as we stepped off the elevator, we were welcomed by the friendly crew as she handed us our spa kit.

Then we went to the locker room which is by the way very impressive in terms of aesthetics (Oh my, why did I forget to take a picture of that?!). We left our things, quickly changed into our robes then headed to the wet floor to take a shower before the pampering activities. We could have gone skinny dipping in the mini pool have we known early on that we could use all the wet floor amenities. Oh well, better luck next time, ladies. :P

 (L) The locker. (R) Ate Pants posing by the vanity counter.

Refreshed and ready, we were led to the lounge and were offered the complimentary ginger tea. I'm not very much into teas so I just sipped from Ate Pants' cup and it wasn't bad at all :-) We waited for like 10 minutes till our Peppermint Foot Rub therapists arrived. And then the blissful two-hour session started.

A year ago when Ate Pants treated me to a full-body massage at a spa near our place, she said "Aaahh... This is life..." but as we seated in the Foot Spa's uber comfy recliners while our feet were soaked in warm water, she can't help but exclaim, "This is heaven!"

In the middle of the foot treatment, 2 more therapists came in to do the Aroma Scalp and Shoulder massage simultaneously. And boy, the two treatments combined was divine!

After an hour of head and foot massage.

After the session, we were asked to go to the room where our Swedish massage will be done. We took a few photos again while waiting for the new set of therapists.

At 4:45pm, the full-body massage commenced. It was an hour packed with soothing kneads from head to toe, with the scent of eucalyptus in the room completing the relaxing experience. How I loved the moderate pressure done by my therapist! It was just how I wanted it as I don't like aching muscles afterwards.

Exactly an hour later, we're done. We took one last shot and promptly went off because other clients are having their session in the same room (Deluxe services are done in rooms with around 5 beds in them, but we had no issues on privacy naman)

Invigorated, we went back to the locker room. We posed by the mirrors for some more photos with our robes on.

We kept raving about the entire Spa Service as we changed into our clothes. Two thumbs up for The Spa Bel-Air. We got treatments fit for a queen, even just for a day :-) This is a pampering that we deserve, and at the same time a bonding moment that I and Ate Pants haven't done in years.

All dressed up and ready to go (hurry Em, Jhay is waiting for hours already!)

Ate Pants with another cup of ginger tea. Like it much, cuz? :)

By the wooden staircase.

So from the bottom of our hearts, a big thank you to Toblerone team! It was truly a Spa-bulous Saturday!

Two super satisfied customers of The Spa.
Wanna experience it too? Book your appointment here! :)

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