Aug 8, 2010

The "Year"-book Encounter

Living up to it's name, it took a year and 4 months after college graduation.

Yeah baby, I finally got hold of my yearbook! :D

Padayon is a Visayan term which means "to continue".

I have always loved yearbooks. In fact, when fire threatened our abode two months back, I immediately threw my elementary and high school yearbooks into my "to save" bag, especially because the latter is the fruit of my labor (and the rest of the ed-board of course :D). That is why the thought of taking a glimpse of the college yearbook always makes me giddy. And yesterday, the long wait is over. Here is my page:

And here's a closer look at my description, courtesy of my friend, Jejo:

Speaking of, another reason why I looked forward to getting my copy of the yearbook is because I wrote some of my classmates' descriptions. And seeing them on print, and seeing how much they loved it, makes me really really proud :-)

However, much as I wanted my page to be perfect, after minutes of scrutiny I found out that they put the wrong creative shot! :-( This is what's supposed to be in the middle frame:

What should have been just a background photo was the one published. Not creative at all. :-( It was disappointing. And the effort put to editing was wasted. Oh well, I just think that at the very least, they didn't misspell my name (so sorry for you, Noreen) or put "Time is gold" in my description. And I  am still pretty in that shot! Hahaha.

I and some college friends at the Relans Studio, the official
 graduation studio and yearbook publisher of PLM.

Despite the mistake, I still love my yearbook. It may be a heavy addition to my to-save stuff but it's also a memoir of my glorious college days in my beloved Pamantasan.

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