Aug 21, 2010

The Week That Was

I haven't written anything since Tuesday because it's so busy at work but tonight since I just ate (poor eating habit, I know), I need to be awake for a few more minutes so I'll make the most out of it by sharing the week's highlights.

Last weekend, I've been engrossed with downloading all Glee, The Music albums. I spent the first day of the work week e-mailing my girlfriends how amazing the singles are and volunteering to burn CDs for them. Thus, we had the perfect excuse for a Tuesday get-together: handing them their copies ^_^

We had dinner at Chowking Alphaland Mall (that's in Magallanes MRT Station) and I have to say I didn't enjoy my food :( I ordered the Orange Chicken Lauriat and I got 4 tiny pieces of chicken. The pansit canton was very disappointing too because it tasted like garlic. Good thing there was Chicharap, it helped me finish my meal.

Funny how our seating arrangement didn't change (see previous pic)

We stayed there until around 9:30 and was forced to leave because the crew were already turning off the lights and the aircon. But since we aren't even halfway done with our chikahan session, we've decided to stay at a nearby Starbucks, in Waltermart Makati that is. We had our beloved frappuccinos and some slices of pastry (c/o Jaq) and indulged in 3 solid hours of girl talk. Like tomorrow is a weekend, around 12:30AM we called it a night. Oh, an awesome night! :)

The next day, August 18th, was as great. I got in the office at 7:30 and was greeted by a personal message via Facebook from Toblerone Pilipinas. Yes, we won in the Toblerone Epic Friend Promo! Hurray! The awarding of Toblerone gift packs and The Spa GCs will be on September 4th. I and Ate Pants are so looking forward to it already :)

By lunch time I sneaked out to go to Robinson's Ermita to get a gift for my dear Tita Antin on her 51st birthday. I got back at 2pm, ate a quick lunch and an hour and a half later, my friends at work were already asking me to go have snacks. Gosh, my tummy is still so full but I went with them to Jollibee anyway. That time, Jhay was texting me saying sorry because he can't come to Tita's surprise birthday bash at home. Of course it got me down-hearted because we haven't seen each other for 2 long weeks but when we got inside Jollibee, Jhay was already there waiting for me! ^_^ I used to tease him because I always get his surprises busted but this time he was super successful! He and my friends were laughing at how shocked I was to see him there. Congrats honey!

We got home at around 6pm and they're all waiting for us because we have the cakes! And the celebration can't start without it! LOL. Everyone enjoyed the small salo-salo and Tita Antin enjoyed her day. Before bedtime I heard her crying while thanking Nanay Letty. Great job for me, my other two titas and Nanay, we were the people behind it! :)

My co-masterminds Tita Net (in fuchsia) and Tita A (in pink) with the birthday celebrant.
And just this morning, well yesterday technically, we got some good news from the company's top management. I want to remain hushed about it, but to give you an idea, it's coming this 25th. My oh my, what a great way to end a busy week! :)

What's a week full of kwento without pictures? I'll be adding them as soon as I get my camera back. (Update: 8/21, 7pm - Pictures added! :D) I lent it to a friend by the name of Jaquiline Badeo. And what's with the mention of her full name? It's because I wanted you to help me in welcoming her to the wonderful world of blogging! Visit her here, now na!

It's 1:35am in my clock and I think my midnight snack is down there already. Haha. Be back blogging when I wake up. Have a great weekend everyone! :D

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