Aug 6, 2010

Two Months and Still Twitterpated

I knew that at some point I will be writing about our Anniversary Celebration in Tagaytay. It was so wonderful a trip that I actually am torn about which to focus on, the itinerary or the experience. Help me God, I am not so sure if I could do it justice.

Alright, here goes. (It’s been exactly two months today but I remember the entire weekend like it was just yesterday, really :))

I took a week-long vacation from work the week of our Anniversary and I was really really dragging the days till it’s June 4th already – my Mom’s 42nd birthday and our 5th year as a couple. Our official celebration started with a dinner at Classic Savory Chicken in Cash & Carry. We weren’t that hungry so we just ordered their combo meal that’s good for two and it was more than enough.

(Combo meal coonsists of 1/2 fried chicken, creamy fish fillet,
pancit canton, turon, 2 cups of rice and their tropical cooler.
Oh, let me just mention, their gravy is sooooooooo good!)

After dinner, we bought a few grocery items. Look at Jhay carrying the plastic bags containing our baon to Tagaytay.

We then headed home. Jhay decided to just sleep over so that we can leave early in the morning. It’s play time with Haley first before we hit the sack.

The next morning we woke up at around 4:30. We had breakfast, a quick bath then we’re off to Gil Puyat to catch the 6AM trip. Funny thing is that I kept reading about travel blogs on Tagaytay but I overlooked that they all said EDSA-Taft bus terminal and not Gil Puyat. Needless to say, we were at the wrong place so we had to take another ride to EDSA. Jhay was laughing at me the whole time because I acted like I know it all. But that was just what I thought. Hahahaha.

Despite the mistake, we were able to get in the bus at 6AM. And then it’s official! We’re heading to Tagaytay! :D

The bus ride, which by the way costs 78 pesos, was filled with kwento, kulitan and a few sweet kisses. There wasn’t a dull moment in the 1.5-hour trip. I can still recall how Jhay joked about it: “Ang bilis ng byahe, magaling kasi yung driver, parang ako.”  I was like, “Oh-kay.” LOL.

We reached Olivarez Plaza and up next is our blooper #2: The conductor was shouting “Olivarez, Olivarez” but being the bighead that I am, I insisted it’s not yet time to get off because the Tagaytay Rotunda is still a few meters ahead. But again, I was wrong. When we got off, we we’re told that we already got past the jeepney terminal to most of the tourist destinations. So we had no choice but to walk back to the terminal. And did I say the sun’s heat was crazy and the walk was like 200-300 meters??? So yeah, if you ever have to commute to People’s Park in the Sky or Picnic Grove, the terminal is in front of Touch Point Spa. And please, listen to the conductor. Haha.

Around 8:30, we’re on our way to our first destination: PEOPLE’S PARK IN THE SKY. The jeepney fare going there is 16php/head, way cheaper than tricycle which is 120php. At the entrance, you have to pay 15php/head too. There were jeepneys by the gate offering to take you to the park's peak, but we chose to walk. It was kind of hard for us to walk up the slope fast because we were carrying all our things.

Shortly, we reached the sky. Haha. Of course, we took a lot of pictures. And for the record, Jhay was cooperative. Posing in front of the camera is so not his thing but looks like he enjoyed it as much as I did.

There are a lot of souvenir shops in People's Park and here's where we found this really cute shirt. It's at 180php each. We tried to haggle but the saleslady was firm. Since we loved the colors and the fit, we bought it!

We walked around some more but it looked like it's gonna rain in a few minutes time. Look at the before and after pics:

So even if it's only 10:30 AM, still too early for the 1pm check-in time, we headed for our next stop: KENI PO ROOMS. From PPS to Keni Po, you have to take two short jeepney rides: one to the terminal (PhP 7 each) and another to Keni Po (PhP 8 each).

Keni Po is actually one of the reasons why I pursued writing about our trip. I wanted to rave about the good service and the great ambiance! The room that we got was only PhP 1500/night (Php 1200 on weekdays) but I am super satisfied! It was nice and cozy and I loved our bath tub and veranda! And they recently added a new amenity - a swimming pool with no extra charge. Keni Po is a really really good choice :-)

We got there at around 11AM and the room that we have reserved is still occupied so they asked us to stay in one of their cottages first. Because we are too lazy to go somewhere else to buy food, we ordered from the logde's menu instead. For early lunch, we had Pork Adobo and Sinigang na Bangus. The food is average in terms of taste, but not bad for it's price. Plus they come in big servings.

Jhay and I while waiting for our room. We reserved Room I, 
one of the only two rooms with a bath tub ^_^

Around 12:30, we were led to our room. Aaaaah, the bed is so tempting I just wanna lay down till the next day! Hahaha. We took a rest, watched TV, cuddled and eventually fell asleep. Oh, how could I have forgotten! We had dessert: a yummy homemade leche flan that I bought at Imus!

3 hours of recharging and we're all set to our next destination: PICNIC GROVE. From Keni Po, we took a tricycle for PhP 40. Entrance to this famous Tagaytay spot is PhP 50/head. We originally planned to try the Zipline but the queue was so long. Thus, we just wandered and again, camwhored.

A little shy of 5pm, we went out of Picnic Grove. Based on my research there's another place to go to right beside it, and this time I'm right! :P It's a shrine called TIERRA DE MARIA. It has a giant image of Mama Mary carved in wood. I wish we were able to go near it but there was a mass when we arrived. So we just took a few souvenir shots and afterwards enjoyed some street food :-)

Considering the travel time from Keni Po to Picnic Grove via tricycle, I thought it was just a short distance so I insisted on walking going back. Turned out it wasn't that near. Haha. We didn't mind though, because we enjoyed the long walk hand-in-hand ^_^ And with the Tagaytay climate, it isn't much of a burden doing so. We passed by a 7-11 store to grab a quick bite then we went on with the walk.

Here's honey posing by our door (that's Room I as in the 9th letter of the alphabet, just in case you'll also be reserving it) :-)

We arrived at the lodge in time for dinner. Thanks to the bed, we were like glued to it again so we just got what's available at Keni Po. We had Longsilog and Tilapia with Talong and Bagoong. The Longganisa was good but the fish was a bit toasted. But we still loved the meals and our tummies couldn't agree more.

After dinner was more quality time. We talked about the beginning of our relationship. Most of you may not know yet that Jhay and I met only through text messaging. Yes, nothing more than textmates. How our love blossomed both of us also can't tell. We reminisced about the getting-to-know-each-other phase, the first few dates, the first kiss. We remembered the days when we were still students, and missing a class or two just to see each other. We recalled the problems that came our way and how it felt to overcome them together. We stayed close the entire night: me lying in his arms, him hugging me tight and both of us wishing that we have the power to stop time just so we could stay in that moment for the rest of our lives.

The dreamy interlude ended as we woke up to a misty Tagaytay morning. Through the glass sliding door fog can actually be seen outside. We went out in the veranda and boy, the scent of nature was heavenly! It's something you can never experience in Manila, something that I am grateful I enjoyed with Jhay by my side. Soon we ordered breakfast. I've read a review about Keni Po's Tapa so we decided to give it a try. I was able to pitch into my bag a couple of 3-in-1 coffee so we just asked that hot water be served together with our meal (yes, it's free). This time we dined al fresco style while making the most out of the fresh air and the pretty sight of the greeneries. Indeed the tapa is tasty but there were a few pieces that we set aside because they were the litid part of the meat. Nonetheless, our breakfast was good. :-)

Afterwards, we rested for like half an hour then put on our swimming attire. I've been making kulit to Jhay since the previous day that we go swimming and finally, he gave in. We took pictures at the poolside then I dipped in first while he took pictures of me in the water. Hahaha. A few minutes later, he joined me in and we took a few more shots. Notice that he didn't have pictures in the far end of the pool. Yes, my honey doesn't know how to swim but when I asked him what he’ll do if I drown, he immediately answered, "Syempre matututo ako!". Kinilig naman ako ^_^

 Enjoying much, hon? :P

At around 11am we got out of the pool to prepare for the 12nn check out. We fixed our things, took a bath and as planned, wore the shirt that we bought at People's Park. We knew we'd be taking more pictures and our pink and blue combo would be picture-perfect. We bid our room goodbye by having one last photo session and at exactly 12nn, we went out of the room and headed to the reception area to settle our bill. I was totally surprised because the total amount due is only Php 2045! That’s already inclusive of the one-night accommodation and 3 full meals! Since the room is Php 1500, each meals only costs an average of 185, and that’s already for two. It’s super sulit to stay in Keni Po! And as we walked out of the premises, we had two things in mind: (1) We’d definitely go back; (2) We’d recommend it to our friends :-)

This explains why this time, mine is blue and his is pink. Picture taken July of 2009.

@ Keni Po's lush garden

One of the staff took this picture. 5 stars for customer service! :)

* more kwento tonight *

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