Aug 22, 2010

Super Proud Friend

That's what I am right now! :D

I mentioned in my previous post that one of my girlfriends had started blogging too. And now that her first official post is published, I just have to say that it's so worth the wait! Well, I could be bias because I was part of that blog but hey, try to read it so that you'll now that I'm not that partial after all. :P

I intend to write about my (tiring but happy) day tonight but because I wanted to rave about Jaq's blog, I'm saving that for tomorrow. Good night, world! And have a great work week ahead.. :-)

Don't forget to visit her, ha? :D


  1. napapasaya nyo ko.. lagi kayong magblog para lagi akong may babasahin.. hehehe..

  2. you're so supportive tol, i could cry. hahaha.. :)


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