Aug 25, 2010

Mommy for a Day

Last Sunday was a real family day for the Rolle clan because it was my nephew Rafa’s 1st Birthday. Two party areas of Jollibee Alabang were occupied because all the relatives were there to join the fun.

The birthday boy and his family.

When I was a kid I adore Jollibee and guess what, some things never change. I still crave for Jolly Spaghetti every once in a while. I’m still enticed by Aga Muhlach holding the “crispylicious, juicylicious Chickenjoy.” And of course, I still take pictures with the endearing mascot of the country’s #1 fast food chain.

Jollibee and Me :-)

Yeah, I enjoyed the affair. I got to see the cousins who I seldom see, only this time all of us are young adults already. I took pleasure handing the kids the “Bring Me” item, proving time and again that I am every inch of a stage sister. I loved taking lots and lots of photographs: capturing family fun, immortalizing priceless Haley moments.

Mom brought with her a box of crayons to keep Haley busy.
She loves coloring and writing. Very good baby! :)

Haley dancing with her bags of chips. Mom brought those too! Haha.

Super cute! :D

 Slowly baby... You might end up as big as Ate Em. Hahaha.

The kids playing "The Longest Coin"... with a twist.

Haley loving her loot bag.

I and my Epic Friend. We're both pretty, I know! :)

Two of my best-loved godmothers.

Family shots! *Mom's the one in yellow, btw*

After more than two hours of being a kid again, I assumed another role. Because Alabang Town Center is just a few steps away, my aunts decided to stroll so I went with them… but Haley went with us too! It shouldn’t have been much of a deal had Mom come with us but she didn’t so I had to take care of the little girl. Thing is she doesn’t wanna walk because she’s scared of wearing shoes again! Last time they went to the mall she had new shoes on and she walked and ran around like there’s no tomorrow, and the result? She had 2 blisters per foot. Poor baby. And poor Ate Em because I had to carry her in my arms the whole time.

As if it wasn’t tiring to wander around ATC, we went to SM Southmall next. Haley fell asleep on the way so I had to cradle her from the car to the mall. I could feel it, I look haggard already but I am the day's Mommy, right?

That's me thinking how Mom (our real Mom) can take it when we go malling for hours, considering how small she is and how heavy Haley is. Hahaha.

After some wooing from her Ate Faye, Haley agreed to get on these super cute kiddie rides! They're battery-operated so kids can freely drive around the area. Indeed, Haley enjoyed it! :)

A dolphin, a panda and an... ant? Whatever! Haha.
These rides are at 10php for 3 minutes. So sulit!

After the fun rides, she walked already, but she still didn't put her shoes on. 
Look at how she enjoyed walking barefoot. 
She even posed with her Ates and Kuya.

Haley with two of her favorite cartoon characters.
Then we dropped by SM Storyland. We took a few pictures while it was the teenagers' turn to have fun.

 Faye, Choy and our cousin P-jhay in the mini Roller Coaster.

Do I really look like her Momma already???

At around 7pm it was time to go home. We had to commute going home since Tita A and her family's still driving to Cavite. Inside the bus, Haley's still energetic as ever!

 Pic #1: Making pa-cute with her cheeseburger
Pic #2: Her "no, you can't get this from me!" look
Pic #3: Headset's playing "Nobody" by Wondergirls.
Look at her hands, she's acting it out! :)

She was making kulit the entire trip until this 3-day sale poster caught her attention. Shopaholic in the making? Nah, she's actually singing A-B-C over and over while pointing out the letters. Adorable much noh? :)

We got home after an hour of travel. Yes, I was sooooo tired. In fact, my arms hurt until now. I experienced being a mommy and it's tough, but at the end of the day, seeing Haley happy makes all the effort worth it :-)

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