Aug 9, 2010

A Little Distraction

Can I just kick Mondays off the calendar? Hahahaha.

The work week has just begun but something upsetting already happened in the office. And I most certainly don't wanna talk about it here. I just figured I need to do something that will hopefully divert my attention. It was really a good idea putting up this blog. Truly an avenue for self-expression :-)

Going back to looking for a distraction. The moment I woke up, I checked my entry in the Toblerone Epic Friend Promo in Facebook and it already has 300 likes! :-) But of course it couldn't have been possible if not of the help of my two very supportive sisters who spent their weekend popping messages to almost all of their online friends. Actually, half of the votes are because of their efforts. So here's a million thanks to you sissies.

 Choy and Faye. Who's prettier? You be the judge.
Or you can just say it's me. LOL

Joining that promo was a fun experience. I was able to reconnect with old friends, elementary classmates even, just because I was asking them to like my entry. I didn't know that a little chat could make me feel good. Wonderin' why? Here are a few reasons:

* There was one guy from high school (I am one year his senior) who I chatted with longer than everyone else. We talked about a lot of things - my work, him being in law school, college life, dreams that were left behind, and hopes of fulfilling them. And just when I thought those are enough to make the conversation memorable, he said something that really really moved me: "Isa ka sa mga tinitingala kong tao sa MCS" (MCS is Malate Catholic School) Yes. I remember it word for word. My gosh, I didn't know, or maybe I already have forgotten, that I was that person in high school. It was a humbling experience, but at the same time, it made me proud. Thanks G!

* There were a couple of classmates who still calls me "Leader" and still believes that Group 3 is the best. Hahaha. It's because being the class secretary for 4 years also meant being the leader of Group 3 / "Wednesday Cleaners" (Monday is the President's group, Tuesday the VP's, and so on). Aaaah, high school memories.

* There were people who I never really got close with but took the effort to like my entry. There were even some who voted even if they're in the middle of a talk or a class. :-)

* I played matchmaker by introducing Noreen to a high school friend who asked if I have single girl friends. Hahaha. I hope they go on a date soon ;-)

* I made Ate Pants cry because of the story in the entry.

* It made one of her friends cry too. Not that I enjoy the idea but it's just heart-warming to know that.

You see, those are just 5 but I could go on and on if only I have a lot of time. I guess it's true that in life, it isn't all about winning. With the above reasons, I'll still feel like a winner even if Toblerone Pilipinas doesn't pick me. But of course getting free chocolates and spa session won't hurt. *wink*

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