Aug 12, 2010

I Love Being Tardy

Oh, don't get me wrong. I know my title isn't so positive but please let me explain.

I tried so hard to be early to work today because Jhay's been bugging me to keep up with his work hours so that we'd get home at the same time. And this morning I badged in at 8:50. I sort of succeeded because I normally get in at 11am. But what the hell, I'm not sure if I wanna do it again.

Everytime I get here early, I tend to be in a bad mood. Do you have any idea how it is to commute to Makati during the 7am-9am period? Man, it's crazy! Those freaking conductors always get into my nerves! They keep letting people inside the bus even if it's all cramped up already. And knowing how big I am and how hard it'll be for me to get out, making me move farther from the door from time to time just isn't funny. And for crying out loud, I'm getting off after 5 blocks!

That's exactly the reason why I love my tardiness. Leaving home around 10am makes commuting a breeze. I love how laid-back people are this time of the day. I get to the office without much hassle and I am in the right mood to start my day.

But just to make myself a little perked up, I am going home at 5:50! :) And honey's gonna fetch me! And there's a little celebration at home because it's my inaanak Kurt's birthday!

Now get those test scripts done, Em.

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