Aug 14, 2010

Friday the 13th Fun

I've always been neutral about the Friday the 13th jinx that people talk about. I never had a bad experience about that day, or at least not that I can remember. But last night made me lean towards liking the dreaded Friday because after 9 long years, I got to bond with my elementary bestfriend again! :-)

The last time I saw Peaches was on Junie's baptism because she was one of my little sister's godmothers. Oh, fyi, she and her family migrated to Texas some 6 years ago. So the very first time she told me over Facebook that she'll be coming home to the Philippines for a vacation, I was really excited. I'm not really sure how we would jive because we haven't been hanging out for long but hell, I am really looking forward to it! It's like I'm even more excited than Junie, who's actually the one to receive a lot of stuff because her Ninang Peach has a lot of utang already!

And so after a few exchange of messages, we agreed to meet-up yesterday. We really don't have a lot of plans for the night. All we know is that there'll be a lot of catching up. And indeed, we didn't do anything else! We had dinner at Kenny Rogers and seated there for like two and a half hours talking about our adventures and misadventures in MCS. Oh by the way, another friend of mine, Peaches' schoolbus mate Lester also joined the fun! We had a really good laugh while reminiscing our kalokohans.

I forgot to mention that Junie was with us too because Peaches wants to make up for all the birthdays and Christmases that she missed. She got a Barbie doll which Peaches brought pa from the US then she made lambing to her ninang to buy her some kikay stuff at this really chic shop called Girls. Nevertheless, the little girl enjoyed the night as much as we did.

Peaches, thanks for spending with us a portion of your elusive vacay time, and for the treats too (especially the chocolates.. LOL)! You haven't left yet but I miss you already. Have a safe trip going back! And please, come home to PI again... soon! :-)


  1. i want some chocolates... pasalubongs are always fun, huh?

  2. yeah, super.. screw dieting, hurray for chocolates.. haha


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