Jul 14, 2010

Today I am...

..not okay :(

Typhoon "Basyang" hit Luzon yesterday. The winds are awful. Around 12:30am, I was awakened by the loud pounding of my bedroom window (think native Capiz window and super strong wind). I went for a quick trip to the comfort room and when I got back, I charged my phone. In about 15 minutes, lo and behold, the electricity went out! :(

I had a hard time going back to sleep. Yeah it isn’t hot so not having an electric fan isn’t that big a deal. But my gosh, it’s like the mosquitoes are set to party all night! Needless to say, I woke up the next morning with more or less 5 mosquito bites, per leg that is.

And to top it all, I have sore eyes.

Much as I wanted to take a sick leave, I can’t. I have a lot of test scripts to execute and a deadline to meet. My worry is that my eyes would be worse because I’m in front of the PC all day.

Oh, I am ranting too much already. I should be thankful because at the very least, I got my phone charged now. Problem is I have battery but I don’t have signal. I am sooooooooo looking forward to sunny days already. Cause it looks like my network provider is literally sun-dependent. LOL.


  1. oh wow that's so awesome! we almost have the same anniv! same year too! haha

  2. yeah, i was amused, that's why i commented.. btw, congrats on your upcoming wedding.. :)


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