Jul 15, 2010

This time I am...

just so happy that Google already recognizes my blogsite! ^_^

I tried typing
  • maude's blog
  • maude's blogspot
  • maude's avenue
  • maude's avenue blogspot
  • maude's avenue of thoughts

and yes, it may not always be the first result, but at least it's there :) I know, this is me being too shallow. But it's really what I feel right now. Anyway, it's the purpose of blogging, right? :)

P.S. When I put up this blog, I wondered what it'll take to increase SEO. And much to my surprise, it's pretty simple. FRIENDSHIP :)


  1. hey thats pretty cool!! nice idea!! i should try googling my blog too!!

  2. hi there.. yeah, it's just great to find your blog in the results page.

    here's the catch, though. a friend told me that the results also depend on how often you google an item. so since im googling my site often, it has a high rank. LOL.

    but the idea remains, you get links from other sites, you increase your SEO.

    thanks for dropping by! :)


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