Jul 19, 2010

Sweet Thoughts

I’ve been staying away from my PC for the past 2 days because as I’ve recently blogged about, I have sore eyes. And despite taking a break from using the computer, and taking medications, it still went from bad to worse. Right now my eyes are super red and I can barely open them.

Just three hours ago, I went to the office to visit the company doctor and advice my lead that I was instructed to be on sick leave for the whole week. Sweet Jesus, 5 days of SL?! But I have no choice. Being in IT entails more than 8 hours in front of the PC and it wouldn’t do my condition any good. So there, I am on vacation, but a not-so-good one.

On a lighter note, just an hour ago, I got a really good surprise. Jhay came over ^_^ It was a quick visit but I am super super touched. I absolutely have no idea he’s coming because we were only exchanging text messages and the next thing I knew was he’s at the gate. He just dropped by to check on me and somehow cheer me up.

I look like a mess but he loves me anyway :)

Just 30 minutes ago, he left for a meeting in Makati. And for the first time I am in deep content with a few minutes of talking and being with him. I didn’t really expect he would come in the first place, especially with the fact that he could catch the virus. Being the hard-headed guy that he is, he still kissed me goodbye, and left a pack of Cadbury to get me through the day. Thanks so much for the thoughts honey. I love you. *smooches*

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