Jul 31, 2010

A Belated Birthday Greeting

My Jhay recently celebrated his 25th birthday but for some reasons I cannot talk about the whole story here. So please just allow me to share how amazing it felt. It was a really simple celebration but it was super unforgettable. Why? Because that was I think the first time that I saw him cry tears of joy. It was just... uhhh... priceless :-)

A few minutes after he opened my gift and blew the candle atop the mini chocolate mousse cake that I bought for him, there he was, crying like a little child. He said he was just so happy to be celebrating his special day with me. Just so happy that despite all the problems coming our way, threatening our love in the last five years, here we are still together, and in fact stronger than ever. Seeing him show real emotions like that were enough to make me cry as well. Tell me, how often does a guy do that? So while he kept hugging me and thanking me for all that I did for him, I kept thanking The One up there for giving me a wonderful blessing in the person of Jhay.

I admit Jhay isn’t a perfect boyfriend. He screwed up a lot of times in the past but he’s a better person now. I can see him strive to be a better man each day that we’re together. And between the two of us, he is the more patient and understanding, the more generous and forgiving. I have been a childish and nagging girlfriend but he would remain silent and calm. I’ve been the one who always gives up over little fights, but not once did he let me go. He held on to me and embraced me with so much love in spite of my imperfections.

So even if it’s 4 days late, here’s a shout-out to my dearest Jhay. Honey, thank you so much for being an awesome beau. I may have said I love you a thousand times already but it remains true. Happy happy birthday and know that I am more than willing to spend with you your birthdays for the rest of our lives.

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