Jun 12, 2010

Threat and Consequence

It’s getting more scary every effin’ day.

The transformer that went ablaze last week, the one I’ve talked about in my previous blog, continues to scare the hell out of the neighborhood. It’s fuse exploded two nights in a row, leaving us with no electricity. It’s taking a toll on all of us because we can’t sleep soundly for two reasons:

(1) there is a constant threat of fire;
(2) it’s soooooooo hot

Elders say it was due to overloading as almost all the houses here have airconditioning units installed but the thing is, only a few have legit Meralco power lines. Yeah, you’ve read it right. A number of households in our area use “jumpers” and charge their consumption to other lines. Indeed very unfortunate for us who pay properly :(

If I were the one who has the final say in the family, I would really really have us move into a new house – a bigger, better and safer one. I wish I have the means but I have only been working for less than a year and my salary just won’t suffice. I’ve been trying to talk to Tita Antin (dad’s sister, we’re living with her and granny ever since) about plans of relocating but our problem is Nanay Letty. She just won’t leave the community. She owns our house and the lots in the area and she’s firm in staying there. I guess it would take us forever to convince her.

For the time being, Dad and Tita Antin opted that we stay here in Tita A’s house in Cavite, at least until Meralco is done with whatever resolution they intend to implement.  Staying here is heavenly. Peace and quiet, lots of food, and space are enough reasons for one to love it here. The travel, however, is a real setback. I'm so not used to long travel time since  home is a few minutes away from my workplace but last night I stood in the bus as it traveled from Buendia to Imus. Imagine how tired I was when I got here. *sigh*

Oh well, I hope thing's will get better back home soon. No more power interruptions. No more band-aid solutions. Travel isn't the only issue here. Real lives are on the line.

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