Jun 23, 2010

A Test of my Tagalog Tongue

I spent a lot of today's office hours on a link that a Facebook friend shared:

It was an application that put my Filipino vocab to the test. It was challenging, and most of the time I looked up the ceiling looking for answers just like the good old college days. I was able to answer 50 out of the 60 items correctly and without external help. Round of applause please. ^_^

Here are the terms that I failed to translate, along with some of the correct answers courtesy of Gabby Dictionary (feel free to comment if you know the Filipino equivalent of appointment :-))

          accomplishment       katuparan 
          administration         pamamahala 
          benefits                  pakinabang 
          billboard                 paskilan 
          discussion               pagtalakay 
          management          pangasiwaan 
          manager                tagapangasiwa 
          permit                    permiso 
          regulation                 palakad

I tried a lot of words (e.g pamahalaan for administration, talakayan for discussion, pahintulot for permit) but they weren't the answer the app was looking for, so I gave up. I thought I'll spare a few brain cells for the QA tasks awaiting my attention. LOL. 

Overall, I enjoyed the game. I suggest you give it a try. (Oh, just pretend you haven't seen anything here :-P)

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