Jun 8, 2010

My 22nd Birthday Wishes

Less than a week to my 22nd birthday, what's more timely than a wishlist? I have jotted down a lot of stuff in the "Things that I wanna buy soon" section of my datebook and I guess it's about time I make it public (ok, I'm crossing my fingers now, I hope this gets to the right people :))

Some of these are basic everyday stuff. Some are items that I randomly see at the mall and I want it right there. But just the same, it would be really nice to have them as a birthday present! :) So here it is, my wishlist for my 22nd year of existence.. :-P


Ok, I know summer is almost over but I wear slippers to and from the office every freakin' day, so I think it's ok to spend a little more on this. I'm sure I'll have a really chic pair of flip-flops on my birthday because if no one's gonna give me, I'll buy one as a gift to myself. :)

A sturdy 3-fold pink (or black w/ a touch of pink :)) umbrella

The Fibrella I've been using back when I was still in college gave up on me one windy day on the way to work. Thank you so much dear umbrella, you can take your much needed rest now.

A bathroom scale

I've been wanting to watch my weight so I figured a bathroom scale would be really helpful.

A pink Starbucks mug

I spotted one in Starbucks People Support Bldg in Ayala early this year and have I known I wouldn't find it anywhere else, I could've bought it immediately. Yes, I am fast becoming a coffee addict, thanks to Java Chip and San Mig Coffee 3-in-1.

A pink and brown jewelry box from Simple Joys 

Ugh, I can't find a picture of it :( But Simple Joys has a store in SM Manila and Mall of Asia and when you get there, they have a great selection of girly stuff and the jewelry boxes are easy to spot. :)

A laptop sleeve

I am not very particular of the design of the sleeve, as long as it could fit my 15.4' laptop, it'll be fine. I prefer a black one though :)

Anything to put in my cube

Anything cute (or pink) will do but what I really wanted are stuffed letters that spell "MAUDE" and has a magnet so that I could use it to decorate my area. But it'll be a little D-I-Y because I have seen stuffed letters but they dont have magnets, they are more of a keychain I think (I also found them at Simple Joys :)). So if you guys have a kind heart, I'll reeeeeaaaaally appreciate the effort :)

A pretty pair of stud earrings

A silver pair is ideal, and butterfly design is preferred. Although the LO-VE pair above looks good too! :) I'll also love a pair of pearl earrings but please, I don't wear small ones because it'll hardly be seen on me (considering that I'm full-figured ;-P).

A plush pig CP holder

I want a pig, it's very me! Hahaha. Gonna place this in my desk so that my phone won't just lay wherever. If there's no pig, a pink carebear is fine :)

That's all for now. I'm gonna add some more as soon as I remember  my other wishes so that you have options. LOL. Thanks in advance! :-P

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