Jun 18, 2010

Maude's Avenue is A Month Old

How could have I forgotten?! Today, my blog site has been up for 1 month!! Woot woot!

I guess it’s true that when you like what you do, you hardly keep track of time. 30 days have gone by too quickly. In that span of time I have published a number of posts and I know I could’ve put more reflections into writing had I not lost my internet connection.at home. But hey, a dozen isn’t so bad, right? :)

Moving forward, I want to learn more about the wonderful world of blogging. I want to interact with people who have been doing the craft for years. I want to share beautiful blog sites, those whose creators I look up to. I want to discover how to get more people to read my posts because that way, I can do what I love and live up to my ultimate purpose in coming up with a blogsite:

to share my thoughts to the world!

That being said, here’s to a lot more months, a lot more posts and a lot more passers-by in Maude’s Avenue ^_^


Make your mark on my avenue, leave a message! :)

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