Jun 17, 2010

I Miss My Normal Life

Not having power supply at home sucks big time. My daily routine had to change. I had to be away from my family since I am only sleeping at a friend's pad. I miss our little girl. I miss my room. I miss my laptop and our normal internet connection (by normal, I mean not having to append "s" in http just so I could get to check my FB account or use proxies to visit banned sites or blog in HTML mode). In turn, a lot of tasks have have been pending. I haven't blogged about our blissful Tagaytay adventure yet. I haven't blogged about my birthday yet. Friends are waiting for me to upload pictures of our recent get-togethers. Things have been put on hold because of that d*mn transformer.

Gah. I miss my old life. Someone please help me get it back. :|

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