Jun 2, 2010


3:48 am

I was awakened by a call from an unknown number. Ringing the first time, I ignored. But my phone rang again so I picked it up. I found out it was my Tita Antin with a bad news: the transformer right beside our house is on fire. I could hear my heart beating fast as I was telling her where my important stuffs are. She told me she was only able to secure my laptop, she isn’t sure if my oh-so-dear camera is with my mom. She said she’ll go back to get my documents and my diploma, and asked me if there is anything else equally important. I wanted her to save the entire contents of my 2nd drawer (because our scrapbook is there), but it’s not among her priorities. Of course I understood, but if I were there it’ll be among the first few things that I’ll carry with me, along with my 2 yearbooks and my debut album and video. Call me crazy but those are things that hold years-worth of memories, things that I cannot replace after the fire is out. Could you imagine my regret because I wasn’t home? :’(

It took us a minute or two to talk about where my credentials are. After she hung up, I hurried to the altar here and I was literally crying out loud as I pray. I was begging Sto. Niño to put the fire out before it reaches any house. I’ve long been a devotee of Him and not once did He let me down. I’ve called on Papa Jesus and Mama Mary as well. Sitting by the stairs I felt so alone but I know the best and only thing I could do is (1) pray; (2) pray harder.

I went back inside the room to check my phone. I sent Hon a couple of SMSs. I also sent my sister, Faye, a message asking her if there’s still a chance someone could go back for my big black scrapbook. I wanted to at least save one. She said she isn’t sure. I didn’t insist, I instead asked her to update me from time to time.

4:02 am

I was talking to my mom. It could be because all my messages to Faye had crying face in them that she felt the need to talk. She assured me that the fire was put out already and they’re just waiting from people from Meralco to check the transformer and its connections. Thank heavens.

4:05 am

I went back to the altar to thank Sto. Niño. I felt a bit calm already, no more tears running down my cheeks. I know I cannot go back to sleep anymore. I wished I brought my laptop with me here because I wanted to blog. Ah, my cell phone would suffice, I thought. So I typed away.

4:56 am

Almost an hour had passed but I still am wide awake. Who can sleep knowing that her family isn’t okay? I am worried about our little princess.

5:51 am

Mom called again. It’s good to hear her able to laugh now. No more fire but no electricity as well. I laughed when she said: “Eto si Haley, nagpapaypay sa sarili nya.” Coolness.

8:00 am

Right now, I’m transferring the blog entry from my CP. This experience is one for the books. It’s really frightening but I guess we always learn from what we go through. Note to self #1: Pick up the phone in the middle of the night, even if it’s an unknown number. Note to self #2: Prayers work wonders. Thank you Lord for keeping my family safe (oh, and our scrapbook too ;-))

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